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Tables for the porch

My very favorite thing about my sister is that she always finds free stuff for me. Her latest contribution are these iron tables . . . without tops.

photo (23)

This fix was super easy, and we got lucky with things we had around the house. But if you had to purchase similar products it wouldn’t cost much at all. Here’s what you’d need. . .

tables without tops

plywood to fit the tops – just measure length and width of the frame

4 long screws

clear silicone caulking


I say we got lucky with things around the house because my dad had a piece of plywood that fit perfectly width wise. We just had to cut the length down. We measured twice, marked our spot, and cut it with the jigsaw. Then we put 4 screws – one in each corner – to hold the plywood in place at the top of the frame.

photo 2 (3)

My plan for these tables was to go outside on our porch –  basically just to hold some citronella candles, maybe a plate of food, or a plant. So this would have worked, but it was a little wonky with a lot of weight on it. That’s where the caulking came in. A few good squeezes of clear caulking along the seams and it was much more stable. We put plenty of the bottom of the wood since no one will see it.

photo 3 (2)

After that we used 2 coats of rustoleum oil bronzed spray paint to paint the whole thing and a couple layers of polyurethane to weatherproof it. The wood grain still stands out on the wood which I like. . . gives it a little rustic look. DONE!

photo 1 (5) photo 4 (3)

The caulking keeps it super sturdy so we can put just about anything on top with no worries. The paint gives it a little sparkle so it’s not just dull black. Love it.

Anybody else have any patio crafts or decorating happening?


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