3 different ways to wear shorts

shorts 4 waysShooooorts . . . white shorts especially have always been a staple in my wardrobe. They’re so versatile . . . and easily washable.

1. Of course wearing them casually is always good in my book. Baseball T’s are like a fancy tshirt to me. I feel like it looks like I put forth some effort when I didn’t. And these shoes are too cute for words.

2. dressing shorts up never really occurred to me until a couple years ago. I still feel a little weird wearing them and heels together. So I keep the heels as close to sandals as I can. the white on white with a statement necklace under the collar really spices things up.

3. My boss would probably be a little confused if I wore shorts to work. He’s very laid back and if I looked professional probably wouldn’t mind . . . but it’s shorts at work!? I do know some people who can or who have at least tried – from them I think the key is to wear longer shorts with neutral colors – no bright colors or pastels. and some closed toes flats or professional heels instead of sandals.

What’s your favorite way to wear shorts? would you dare wear them to work?

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