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the one with mango salsa

Ya’ll go see The Farmer’s Wife and learn ‘what I’d rather’ . . . I tried to be funny, was I funny?

I’ve been promising my mango salsa recipe so here it is! It is so simple, quick, easy, and absolutely delicious! When I made the mango bruschetta I showed you last week I ended up having some mango leftover so my mango salsa was born . . .


1 Mango, diced

2 tbsp red bell pepper, finely chopped

1 tbsp red onions or scallions, finely chopped

1 tbsp jalapeno, finely chopped

Juice of 1/2 orange juice

2 tbsp mint, finely chopped

2 cans diced tomatoes

1/2 bunch of cilantro leaves

Once everything is diced and chopped finely mix it all together . . . put it in the fridge for at least an hour before serving . . .

and EAT!


short, sweet, and delicious . . . I’d say like me, but I’m not short.

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the one with the sponge holder and nasty water

I’m so excited to show you my little DIY craft today. I should not be so excited over something so simple, but alas I am. Maybe it’s because of the cute pictures of my husband . . . probably is . . .

I saw this pin, and knew I had to make one. See I usually have at least 2 sponges just hanging out in nasty, dirty, sponge water somewhere on the sink or the counter. It gets pretty disgusting and occasionally pretty stinky.

I followed the directions from the tutorial pretty much exactly . . . I did change it up a bit so here’s my steps


1. take an old shampoo bottle and cut it down to slightly longer than a sponge – if you want it to have the circle attachment like the pin you’ll need to cut it a couple inches longer. We just used a sharp bread/meat knife.


2. use a sharpie and mark off a rectangle at the front – I didn’t measure it I just marked the shape and used sharp kitchen shears to cut it off.

3. take some sand paper and smooth out all the edges and corners if needed so they aren’t sharp


4. poke 2-4 small holes in the bottom for drainage. We could have easily used a knife or scissors, but my husband was helping so we used a drill.


5. cut a small slit and a small circle in the back to hang it off the faucet. if you cut it longer you’ll want to follow the pin tutorial to have the larger circle, but my little cut lets me separate it any time I need to take it on and off – and the little circle is big enough for it to stay around the faucet.


I absolutely love it! Never before has a kitchen helper helped so much – that might be an exaggeration – but it only goes to show how much it works. no more mess, no more nasty water, no more occasional stink.

I used pink because that’s the empty bottle I had . . . now I want it to match the kitchen so I may end up redoing it 😉 I don’t think my husband will mind if I let him use the drill again!

Do you have any DIY kitchen supplies thatn you can’t live without? will you try the sponge holder?

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the one about coconut oil

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happy Monday! that may be an oxymoron … but some happiness is what we need up in hurr. last week was so rough for me. it seemed as though every day something bad happened. my attitude didn’t help the situation much … so this week I’m choosing to be happy even on Monday.

today I want to talk to you about something I just recently started using … as in two weeks … and I
can already see impressive results.


coconut oil

I was a skeptic at first, and since my face is changing I was hesitant. the last thing I need is something that doesn’t work and I’m left with even more acne and redness. but when my eye cream ran out a couple months ago I used a little coconut oil from the kitchen … I used a little but not even a teaspoon and gently dabbed it with my ring finger under each eye once a day. the hydration was MAJOR… so I continued and after a month I could even see a brightness.

so two weeks ago after yet another breakout for no explainable reason I dove in … I choose 3 ways to start using coconut oil. my plan was to do them for a month and either stop or add more … two weeks in and I know I’ll be adding more!

1. facial and body moisturizer :: every morning I take a tablespoon and set it in the shower with me so it’ll soften up. as soon as i get out I put it all over my face, my arms, and legs (basically the parts of my skin that get dry and my face). not only does it keep my combination skin hydrated all day but I can see redness going down, mosquito bites healed quicker, and my acne has drastically diminished and quickly healed. I take less than a teaspoon every night and put it on my t-zone (eyes,nose, cheeks, chin) for extra hydration and help with acne.

2. oil pulling: I don’t have yellow teeth but they could stand to be whiter, mostly my teeth have just always given me issues. I brush twice a day and floss as well as watch my diet. yet my teeth ache consistently and every time I go to the dentist something is wrong and they tell me to just keep doing what im doing to prevent it …. that’s obviously not working so I tried this. I don’t like the taste of coconut so it’s rough… I swish a teaspoon every other day while I’m in the shower … I only remember one day of teeth aches in the last two weeks, and I can see them getting whiter. once I’ve done this for a month I’ll most likely go down to once a week or so.

3. eye lash growth:: my eye lashes just aren’t as long as they used to be. so every night before bed after I’ve used coconut oil on my t zone, I take a q tip and get what’s leftover in my spoon and run it right along the lash line with my eyes shut. honestly I don’t know if they’re growing but they’re easier to work with, mascara goes on smoother and doesn’t clump as much, and they look longer and fuller once my makeup is on.


This is the kid I buy at Target for 6.99, and it doesn’t even have a dent in it after 2 weeks! don’t forget to join in on let it shine for more beauty tips with Molly and Carly.

And since I’ve used up the last two posts to talk about how much I hate my face . . . I feel like it’s necessary to join in on this link up today hosted byKate. this picture of me au natural is a couple months old, and it is filtered . . . but that’s only because I didn’t know about the link up until after I put my make up on for the day.

Even with this new found adult acne there are things I like about my body. And the message behind this link up is something I think all women need to hear – especially the little ones like miss Amauri. So things I like about myself . . .

1. my eyes . . . green eyes seems to be a nomaly, but I have bright green almond shaped ones!

2. my hair . . . it actually listens to what I tell it to do, and that’s appreciated. I put dark color on it . . . it goes that exact color. I thin it out so it’ll be easier to manage . . . it’s easier to manage. I keep a little thick so there’s lots of it . . . it continues to grow and add to thickness. I use hydrating shampoo so it’s silky and shiny . . . it looks silky and shiny. It’s my obedient servant and I love it.

3. my feet . . . is it weird to like my feet? I don’t care. I do and I always. and I have no idea why.

I actually could continue, but I won’t . . . I’ll just smile at the fact that there are more than 3 things I like about myself.


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Merry christmas in July!

I love any excuse to celebrate a holiday . . . and Christmas in july seems as good as any other! AND it lands on a Friday . . . seriously it doesn’t get better than this . . .

Somehow all of my pictures have to do with purchases this week . . . and the one purchase I didn’t make. I got money on my mind, and my money on my mind, I suppose.

photo 2

Saturday I picked out my new glasses – and I get to pick them up tomorrow! whoooo!

photo 3

These 3 watches all in different metals were delivered to my house on Wednesday . . .I love them! They were only $16 total and they don’t look cheap! I can’t stop wearing the rose gold one!

photo 4

my brother’s name is john Michael and I didn’t even realize I picked up his full name until I got to work yesterday. happy coincidences!

photo 5

waaaaaay back in march for my birthday, the hubs got me lady a tickets. Last night was finally the concert and my seester and I had a blast! best concert of the year so far.

photo 1

and the purchase I didn’t make. I love this dress, it was made for me. and it fits perfectly . . . but I couldn’t bite the bullet. I want to lose some weight and buying the perfect dress right now that fits perfectly as is will not encourage that . . .

What are you favorite moments from the week? anybody else got some stellar purchases to show off?

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the one with July favorites

This months beauty favs are pretty basic and mostly have to do with my face. I think I’ve finally accepted that my face is out of control . . . it has changed pretty dramatically in the past couple years and it’s time that I make some MAJOR changes to my routine. For as long as I can remember it was normal to dry, and I never really had a problem with breakouts. Now it is oily . . . so oily . . . and I’m almost constantly broken out on my chin and cheeks. I think I’ve found something that helps (coconut oil), and I’m going to do a whole post on it Monday. But for now here are some things I’ve found that I love in my journey for a new skin care routine. . .

beauty favorites

Burt’s Bee’s Grapefruit wipes – these bad boys are great for taking makeup off. they get all of it and don’t leave my face feeling wet and gross so when it comes time for my cleanser I actually feel like I’ve gotten a deep clean – not just taken the film from the makeup remover off.


Clinique Toner 3 – a toner is one of the things I decided to add to my routine. the silicic acid is hopefully helping pull out the gross stuff from my pores.


Baby lips in electro shock – I have always heard great things about this stuff, but never took the plunge. well with changing up products my lips got a little dry and  . . . weird . . . so I needed constant hydration, but during the day I wanted color. so I finally took the plunge. so thankful.


essie watermelon – it’s summer . . . the nails must be done . . . and I’m loving this color.

What are you favorites for july? any suggestions on taking care of my oily face and adult acne?

as tina fey (who I call liz lemon) says “I don’t wanna brag, but I have the chin of a teenager!”

the one with a Bohemian and a Blogmopolitan quiz

I’ve wanted to do the bohemian thing for a while now . . . ever since I got this headband for the wedding (and then didn’t wear it at the wedding). So here’s my attempt. . . final thoughts : I need to trim the bangs so I can wear the headband lower . . . ugh . . .

shorts  .  tank  .  headband  .  similar shoes

031 032 034 035




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the one with my Pretty Patio . . .


I’m over at Classy Living talking about workout motivation. AND there’s some free printables! Be sure to check it out, and show Kate some love!

Remember  when I told you about the new tables I made for our porch (that seems like so long ago) . . . well I needed some more stuff to make it all seem pretty back there.

We won’t be at this apartment more than just 1 summer – so the budget was small.  I started with a $50 budget and a plan for simple. When we are on the porch now we are just sitting with a drink . . .maybe dinner . . . talking to each other or watching our nephews play, so just a simple sitting area was all we needed and all we had room for.

 The tables were free except for the paint which cost me $7 . . . I planned to use that paint to fix up some chairs we had, and use the rest of the budget for some cute décor and plants.

Keeping with the simple theme, I just used a place setting and a citronella candle all from Target last summer.

photo 1 (3)

 photo 2 (3)

I also wanted to bring some textiles in to make it feel homey. So this rug (which used to go in our living room but it’s an outdoor rug so I switched it) was put down and some pillow covers from this etsy shop were thrown on each chair. The covers cost $25, and I used $4 pillow stuffing from JoAnn’s to fill them up (I sewed the openings up myself so none would spill out)

photo 1 photo 2


photo 5 (3)


 Finally, the chairs . . . fixing up the ones we had didn’t end up working out. They were just too old and started to fall apart as I painted. When part of the wicker jumped out and almost got me in the eye I took that as a sign . . . But after the pillow stuffing we only had $10 left. So I sucked it up and cashed in some points on my credit card to get these chairs from Home Depot. I had been saving points to get the Dior lip balm that creates a lip color for you, but without chairs this whole thing would be pointless so sacrifices had to be made.  Luckily, I do love the chairs.

photo 3 (2)


So what do you think? honestly I think we need a some more color. I’m looking into ways to paint that rug for next summer.

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the one about Mango Bruschetta

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For our 5 course dinner last month, we went with an Italian theme . . . zuppa, spaghetti, . . . so the appetizer seemed like a no brainer to me. The easiest thing to get at Italian restaurants is bruschetta . . . and after all the stress for our first run I wanted easy.

the only problem . . . I hate tomato’s and the hubs isn’t a big fan. insert mango’s . . . and we have a winner.

photo (22)

dash of parsley

dash of basil

dash of salt and pepper


French bread

1 mango

Cut the mango into little pieces and toss with the seasonings until it tastes right to you.

butter your French bread and toast it

top the French bread with your mango mixture

photo 4 (2)


It was delish! I definitely plan on making this again. It made me want to make a mango salsa, and so I did. Check back for that recipe next week!

photo 5 (2)

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