Dirty 30 – 5 course dinner

I like to look into the future. When I was a little girl, I would fall asleep every night dreaming about my wedding. When the day actually happened I started dreaming about celebrating our first anniversary. I imagined a quiet, candlelit gourmet 5 course dinner at home which I slaved over all day. It’s very us to just have a fancy dinner and an evening at home . . . so it was perfect.

I came up with our menu and it was all stuff I had never made before . . . hard stuff I had never made before like lamb and smoked salmon. But I wanted to challenge myself, I said!

yea it was a disaster. . . the lamb burnt . . . the smoked salmon had some sort of film over top of it . . .


This is the first thing on my 30 for 30 list I actually thought about cancelling. I asked myself if you guys would notice if I took it off the list and replaced it with something else not so time consuming.  Since we were traveling on our actual anniversary I was putting this together on a Thursday . . . working that day, the day before, and the day after . . .

I won’t go over the whole list, but I had a million things to do during the week of this dinner as well as work 9 hours a day. Preparing for vacation that was happening the next week, planning memorial day with the family, so on and so on . . . Tons of things I wanted to get done before we went on vacation that I could have used this Thursday night to do . . . I love to cook and I cook almost every night, but 5 courses was a bit stressful. Especially foods I had never made before and didn’t know little details of . . . like how should you store smoked salmon (freezer or fridge?)

So after much crying I finally realized I had put too much pressure on myself to get this done in a short time frame and make it perfect. I so often do this to myself, but I am resilient – I just needed to try again. The whole point of doing a 30 before 30 for me was to LEARN these things and learn about myself while doing so . . .

Scott and I are not 5 course people. We like to have a fancy dinner occasionally, but our wedding didn’t even have 5 courses. This is not something I will most likely ever be doing again. But for now I wanted the challenge of making the fancy dinner myself . . . so I chose easier recipes and dedicated an entire day to cooking. I still pushed myself with new recipes, but with foods I was familiar with.

photo 2 (2)

So in the morning I put the soup in the crock pot . . . after lunch I baked the cake and mixed up the mango salsa . . . about half hour before we ate I finished the rest . . .

The final menu ended up like this:

sausage and potato zuppa

mango bruschetta

Caesar salad

spaghetti with tomato sauce

wedding cake

updated as of 6-14



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