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julyfavsAbout 2 months ago I said I was going to start posting about my favorites beauty products every month. things that help me get ready and take care of my beauty needs. . . well here we finally are for my second round . . .

Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo : I finally settled on this as a new hair cleaner thanks to some of your and Kate from the small things recommendations. two weeks later and I love it. the tangles are still gone and my hair is fluffy as my mom says.
Neutrogena Naturals Acne Spot Treatment : For years I used Mary Kay acne treatment on my t zone every night and twice a day on blemishes – I loved it. Never had a problem and if I broke out which was rare it was usually because I had started using something else new on my face. Well, my consultant moved and I ran out before I found someone new. Luckily, I have found someone new, but I grabbed this to use until that happened. It’s a great alternative. I broke out a little on my chin during the first week, but no more than usual ( I also started using a toner which I haven’t done since high school at the same time).
threshold body wrap : I was in search of a new robe when I ran into these at target. I only use my robe to wear after a shower while I blow dry my hair and put on my face so these work great and they’re cute. I remember when I went to college it was ‘the thing’ to get one of these for the dorms, but I couldn’t find any to fit because I was so curvy up top. these fit!
Trader Joe’s Mid Summer Nights Cream : I go through lotion incredibly fast. it’s almost ridiculous especially considering I use more of it during the summer than in the winter. a tub of this has lasted me a good long while and it’s only $3
Sonia Kasuk Flat Topped Synthetic Brush : I use this to apply my bronzer and it’s magical. There’s just nothing else to say . . I used to find that I would get too much on with my fingers or a sponge – or it didn’t blend right. This fixes all those things.
There you have it! What are your favorites for the month?


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