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Dresser re-do

When I was in 6th grade (that was 17 years ago . . . wow), my parents and I moved from South Indianapolis to East Indianapolis. We built this big, beautiful house for me to continue growing up in and for my parents to have as their home once I was outta the house and they were empty nesters (I was the youngest so once I was out they were by themselves). I was very excited about the house – I even got to help pick out the colors and little details for things. But I had to move schools. . .

Looking back, I think my mom even then could see my love of making things pretty so she let me have full reign over what to put in my room. I got to paint the walls, put up art, I even painted my first piece of furniture for that room! So the dresser she and my dad got me to use in that room has some sentimental value.

living room2

It was the obvious choice for our dresser to use along with the ikea chest I told you about last week . . . but the light wood is not my style and it didn’t match. I was worried about painting over the finish, but I researched other blogs like crazy (mostly here and here) and found out all about this primer which they say grips to any surface allowing the paint to go on smoothly and evenly.

So I got some (here) and put on two coats with a foam roller and foam brush for the harder areas to reach  . . . then I let it sit for 7 days. I purchased the water based primer because I have this worry that oil based primers will turn things yellow, and it said to let it sit for that long. My worries got the best of me and I let it sit . . . while I waited I worked on the chest.


Once the long wait was over, I put two coats of paint on with another foam roller and foam brush – letting it sit 24 hours between coats. Our tv will be sitting on top so I finished with two coats of miniwax polycrylic (here) to protect it a little.


We used the same drawer pulls from Target as we used on the ikea dresser to bring some symmetry to the room, and I put some candles on either side of the tv for some color.


The drawer pulls are what really got me on this one. They just seem to make it seem like the perfect mix of an old dresser used in a modern room. Adding them in with the new chest the room is so much brighter now, and the fact that they don’t match perfectly brings some character to the room.


I have plans for making a stained top for the dresser so that it matches the chest even more. But for now I’m leaving it the way it is so I don’t rush into anything I’ll regret later. how about a budget breakdown while we wait ::

ikea chest : $99

dresser : $0 (had for 17 years)

primer: $15 on amazon (tons leftover)

paint : $8 at home depot (tons left over)

polyacrylic : $8 on amazon (tons leftover)

stain for chest : $8 at home depot (tons leftover)

new brushes and rollers because I was out : $10

20 new drawer pulls : $25

candles/vases/frames : $25

Total $200

a little glee action for you

a little glee action for you

I’m just really, really happy you guys. What’d we do with the money we saved? We go new nightstands, and then my husband won and we saved some of it. no new clothes . . .



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