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Ikea dresser . . . no ikea chest . . . huh?

Back in the day when I told you about our new bed – remember we saved so much we were able to get new dressers as well! $500 isn’t that much to spend when you need 2 dressers and 2 nightstands . . . put that together with my DIY and sentimental heart . . . and you get a trip to ikea.

the closest ikea to the Hoosier state is almost 2 hours in Ohio . . . it was worth it. I love our furniture . . . I love ikea . . .I’m just in love.

First we have two shorter dressers at home, both of which are in good shape – they just need some love since they don’t match anything – and we need a lot more storage. So the Tarva dresser . . . I think it’s really called a chest . . . with it’s 5 drawers was perfect – tall to play off whichever shorter dresser we chose – and unfinished wood so I could make it look however I wanted with a little paint/stain!

After some pinterest searches I decided I wanted to paint it white, but add in a little of the wood look. Here it is after 2 coats of primer . . . I let each coat dry before putting on the next coat.


And then I waited 24 hours and put on 1 coat and some touch up of rustoluem bright white semi gloss paint. to keep everything on smooth with no brush marks I just used a foam roller from Lowes for $3. Here she blows . . .and sorry for the super grainy pictures. All the painting happened on weeknights after work so there was no natural light.


You’ll notice I painted everything but the top . . . that’s where I used my stain. Once the paint had dried for 2 days I taped off the tops drawer and stained it with a cheapo brush. the color is miniwax jocobean . . . you know I like it dark.

photo (22)

Later that night once it was dry, I added 2 coats of miniwax polyacrylic . . .  and then I walked away. If you’re like me at this point you put your husband in charge of keeping you occupied so you can let it properly set and dry before you start decorating. It’s just so exciting to finally see something how you’ve imagined it in your head.

24 hours later my husband screwed in these knobs, and we moved it to the bedroom. I could have screwed them in myself. . . he’s just stronger.


I could have.

There you have it. On top I put some ikea vases, a frame/bowl/anchor all from Target, along with the monogram that was done by Forever Flowers from my wedding bouquet.


In a couple days I’ll tell you how I made one of the shorter dressers match. But for now let’s all just stare at the pretty pictures of my ikea dresser. Every time I look at it I smell swedish meatballs  . . .  yum

tarva2 tarva3


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