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Brighten and conceal

There’s so many different things people talk about when it comes to your eyes. highlight, brighten, conceal, disguise, so on and so on . . . Which one are we supposed to choose? and why?

and now with contouring coming into style we’re supposed to do the same thing to our cheeks and our nose and our jaw line? WHAT!? So thanks to these gals. I’ve got some easy step by step on how to work it daily. It’s quick and easy and you only need 3 products. I’ll do this for work, date night, basically anywhere I need some oomph but not Maleficent levels of contouring.

Once my foundation and eyes are done . . . it’s time to highlight the pretty parts and conceal the dark spots. To do so I use concealer – one shade lighter than needed, highlighting gel, bronzer of choice . . . and I knock out the bags while highlighting eyes, dim the redness in my t-zone, and slim my jawline.

the eye


jawline tzone

 And here’s a fun bathroom selfie to show I have no shame how it all looks blended in as I run out the door for work.

photo 1


Anybody else have any highlighting tips? I’m looking for a new bronzer any suggestions?


Happy Friday

This past week has flown by  . . . the hubs and I are officially house hunting and I spent a long girls weekend in Chicago! So I’m changing it up today and joining in with some other bloggers (it started here) to stock stock on life right now. It’s all starting to get stressful up in here with house hunting and then moving and then doing the inevitable changes to our new house, but I’m content with life and so excited for these next steps.  This guy makes it all better.

me and Scott
me and Scott

Making: weekend to do lists
Cooking : paleo spicy chicken casserole . . . if it’s good i’ll share
Drinking : mint tea in an Audrey Hepburn mug
Reading: just finished ‘gone girl’
Wanting: for 11th street to be back on the market
Looking: at house . . . after house . . . after house . . . after house . . .
Playing: all of me on the work radio
Wasting: half of my coffee at home since we had to leave early
Sewing: a new skirt  . . . eek!
Wishing: the work day would go by fast
Enjoying: jokes with friends
Waiting: for my new pants to arrive
Liking: my new mug
Wondering: if the career path I’ve chosen will work
Loving: my hubs
Hoping: we can look at a house this weekend
Marvelling: at how well my husband and I are communicating about house hunting
Needing: prayers for our house hunt
Smelling: something weird and I can’t figure out what it is
Wearing: purple . . . obviously
Noticing: tan lines around others eyes
Knowing: we will find our house in God’s time
Thinking: it’s time for a hair cut
Bookmarking: house design inspiration
Opening: spreadsheets for work
Giggling: that all of my answers have to do with house hunting
Feeling: happy

Dirty 30 – 5 course dinner

I like to look into the future. When I was a little girl, I would fall asleep every night dreaming about my wedding. When the day actually happened I started dreaming about celebrating our first anniversary. I imagined a quiet, candlelit gourmet 5 course dinner at home which I slaved over all day. It’s very us to just have a fancy dinner and an evening at home . . . so it was perfect.

I came up with our menu and it was all stuff I had never made before . . . hard stuff I had never made before like lamb and smoked salmon. But I wanted to challenge myself, I said!

yea it was a disaster. . . the lamb burnt . . . the smoked salmon had some sort of film over top of it . . .


This is the first thing on my 30 for 30 list I actually thought about cancelling. I asked myself if you guys would notice if I took it off the list and replaced it with something else not so time consuming.  Since we were traveling on our actual anniversary I was putting this together on a Thursday . . . working that day, the day before, and the day after . . .

I won’t go over the whole list, but I had a million things to do during the week of this dinner as well as work 9 hours a day. Preparing for vacation that was happening the next week, planning memorial day with the family, so on and so on . . . Tons of things I wanted to get done before we went on vacation that I could have used this Thursday night to do . . . I love to cook and I cook almost every night, but 5 courses was a bit stressful. Especially foods I had never made before and didn’t know little details of . . . like how should you store smoked salmon (freezer or fridge?)

So after much crying I finally realized I had put too much pressure on myself to get this done in a short time frame and make it perfect. I so often do this to myself, but I am resilient – I just needed to try again. The whole point of doing a 30 before 30 for me was to LEARN these things and learn about myself while doing so . . .

Scott and I are not 5 course people. We like to have a fancy dinner occasionally, but our wedding didn’t even have 5 courses. This is not something I will most likely ever be doing again. But for now I wanted the challenge of making the fancy dinner myself . . . so I chose easier recipes and dedicated an entire day to cooking. I still pushed myself with new recipes, but with foods I was familiar with.

photo 2 (2)

So in the morning I put the soup in the crock pot . . . after lunch I baked the cake and mixed up the mango salsa . . . about half hour before we ate I finished the rest . . .

The final menu ended up like this:

sausage and potato zuppa

mango bruschetta

Caesar salad

spaghetti with tomato sauce

wedding cake

updated as of 6-14



Thrift Shop

One of my favorite things to do while on vacation is visit the little ‘unknowntotourists’ boutique type shops or maybe even a goodwill in the area. They always end up having just the thing I’ve been looking for and knew we wouldn’t have at home.

Like this awesome polka dot shirt . . .

145 147

Ruffles seem to make my girls appear smaller than they really are and I appreciate that. This purse is also my new favorite! Big enough to carry a substantial amount, but small enough to not get in the way.


Tank: Thrifted




Earrings: thrifted


Kitchen menu

Last week in our quest to organize my kitchen I said next up was the foil, plastic wrap, etc . . . but I lied. I got too excited about this project . . .

As I hope most of you do, I meal plan. It started as a way to save money on groceries. Now it’s grown to help us maintain our ‘paleo inspired’ eats. I’ve been using this large calendar I got at Target last summer, and I’ve loved it. I can plan a whole month instead of just one week! But the calendar is up in July . . . and we often don’t end up eating what’s on the calendar . . . say I put fish and sweet potatoes on there for the last day of the month – then the end of month comes and I’m not feelin fish . . . that usually ends up in us eating out.


So I’ve started planning weekly, and I obviously needed something new to write those plans out. insert my new creation . . .


I’m really excited about it! I absolutely love it! And it was super easy!

I started with two crafting boards from Home Depot’s wood section that I held together with steel brackets like these. I had stained it for another project, so I put two coats of Rustoleum bright white paint on there.


Then I took some 29 cent wood circles and 1.29 wood banner from Jo’ann’s and painted them with chalkboard paint. once everything was dry I attached it with gorilla glue. Super easy . . . and super strong bond . . . I didn’t measure them out exactly just 3 fingers between each.

I had some chiffon flowers from this shop so I added them into the empty spots with more glue to add character and color. I lurve love the ones on top, but the ones on the bottom I’m not sold on. I might add another circle to put special events on or maybe some post it notes.


About once a month, I’ll probably have to go in and repaint the circles to keep it looking fresh and dark. But that’s not a big deal and will only take a couple minutes each time. this project cost me $5 for the wood pieces and some new chalkboard paint. If you had to buy everything fresh I’d say it would be between $15 and $20.

Do you have a kitchen menu? I’d love to see

June Birchbox

I got my birchbox ya’ll! As if you couldn’t tell . . . I was really happy with this one everything is stuff that I will use and find very helpful.

photo (22)

Cynthia Rowley beauty – creamy lip stain :: the color I got is valentine which is just like a brighter pink. but it’s not a bold color. honestly it sort of feels weird when it’s on, but I’m not used to stains so that might be it.

Egyptian magic – all purpose skin cream :: this stuff is like crazy juice you can use it on almost everything and it seems to work – just google it or look on facebook and twitter feeds. I used it on a little sun burn and my cuticles so far with very good results.

Harvey Prince – hello :: I probably wouldn’t choose this perfume at the store because I always go straight to floral scents. but this does have some floral scents in it and I like it once it’s on me so i’ll def keep using it while I have my tester. that’s one thing I love about birchbox – it makes me try things I might not normally choose.

lierac parks – micellar cleansing water :: this is like a toner but it cleanses your face instead. it really feels just like wiping your face with water. I’m not sure I like it for a daily cleanser but it can defiantly go in my travel bag.

Mally beauty – volumizing mascara ::  somehow I always end up with mascara in my birchbox right when I say to myself I need new mascara. I’ve used it a couple times and so far so good.

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happy Friday! This week felt outrageously busy for some reason, and I’m so glad it’s the weekend. Lots of big things happened around our house – some major life decisions were put in motion and I can’t wait to tell you about them. But for now here’s some fun things that happened this week.

1. last Friday the bestie and I went to see The Backstreet Boys. best concert ever! They are still kickin’ and doing the live shows so well! It was amazing! We still know all the dance moves.


2. the hubs and I have had two proper date nights in the last week and they both were AMAZING! we’ve been so busy lately it’s been hard to have a normal date night of sushi and a movie but we finally fit in two 🙂

3. I took my papa to see a baseball game for father’s day with tickets I got on stub hub! They turned out to be a season ticket holder who just couldn’t make it so we got the best seats in the house. best part was seeing my dad so excited!


4. major girl time happening this weekend and I’m so excited! I’m so excited! and I just can’t hide it!

5. the boys haven’t been on America’s got talent yet, but they will be before the auditions shows are over! Tuesday nights have become a nice chill evening of popcorn eating, tv watching, live tweeting, and people watching. #itsmyauntieduty


how was your week?

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Chocolate mousse

This recipe came about one day when I tried to make truffles and it didn’t work. The problem was I put too much milk in it to roll it up in the ball shape. But when I tasted it –  it tasted just like chocolate mouse. I just needed to make it fluffier.

 I started with this recipe, but I don’t use coconut oil or milk and I knew the consistency would be different. In order for it  for it to not be runny or too thick (which leads me to me making it too runny), I used these ingredients.

6 oz dark chocolate

6oz semi sweet chocolate

1 tablespoon oil

½ cup almond milk

1 tablespoon vanilla

I chopped the chocolate into smaller pieces and set it aside in a bowl with the oil. Then I put the milk on the stove and brought it to a boil. As soon as it started boiling I took it off and immediately poured it on the chocolate chips.


Then I stirred it with a rubber spatula just like nom nom paleo told me to. Until it was a thick chocolate consistency – add in the vanilla – stir some more.

After I let it set in the fridge overnight it was supposed sorta like ice cream so I could roll it into balls to form the truffles, but it was too soft – my changes were off somehow. So I whipped 3 egg whites with a little sugar (like an ounce) and mixed it in with my rubber spatula.

Boom – chocolate mousse! And it was soooooooooooooo good.


4 different ways to wear a maxi dress

Last week I showed you my favorite new dress which I just got from Old Navy. Maxi dresses can be incredibly versatile, and can be worn for so many occassions. Of course, my favorite is on the beach with no shoes and a hat, but today I wanted to follow up with a few different ways that I would wear it now that I’m back home again in Indiana.

maxi dress

 .  maxi dress  .


 A chilly day : sometimes the wind here in Indiana gets me even on a hot summer day so having my shoulders and neck wide open doesn’t do so well. A light, solid color scarf is good to help with that chill, and can be easily taken off and stuck in your purse if the day gets hotter. Some cute earrings and bright sandals help bring everything together.

  .  scarf and earrings   .  sandals   . 

 Dressed up : I really struggle with wearing maxi dresses with anything other than a flat sandal, but this summer I’m branching out with some tall wedges and even heels. This dress is long enough that I don’t feel awkward with the tall heels, and the statement necklace adds some sparkle and glam to the look.

necklace  .  heels  . 

To work : I know some people may not be able to wear a maxi dress/skirt to work because of corporate reasons. But I work in a fairly laid back retail sales area so we are just asked to look presentable on a daily basis. Maxi dresses can certainly be made to look presentable for customers with a cardigan and some nice sandals – especially ones with a small heel or wedge. Adding a belt to cinch around my waist always makes me feel like I put in that extra effort for a put together appearance. I’d wear this with just some simple stud earrings.

wedges  .  cardigan and belt  . 

As a skirt : One of my favorite things about strapless maxi dresses is you can roll the top down and wear it as a skirt! On a Saturday running errands or even to a concert I’d cut the neck out of this t-shirt to make it slouchy, throw on a floppy hat, and some flip flops and head out the door.

.   t shirt  .  flip flops  .  floppy hat  .

My favorite thing about all of these looks is with some simple color changes on each one you have another unique 4 outfits!

What’s your favorite way to wear a maxi? How do you feel about the heels?

DIY plastic bag holder

My kitchen has a problem. It’s not organized . . . I know it’s confusing and devastating that I would have an unorganized kitchen, but I do. So I’ve started cleaning it up. We’re starting with one cabinet in particular because that’s where I stuff our plastic bags . . . and the plastic bags often fall onto our heads when we open this cabinet. So I finally decided to make one of those tubular – tubular in that it is rad and that it is shaped like a tub –  bags to hold all of our plastic bags. 


Let me preface this by saying that yes I do use reusable bags most of the time, but there are the occasional “quick” runs to Target that I end up with a couple plastic bags and I keep them to reuse. All you need to make this tubular bag is a kitchen towel (mine’s from Target, how appropriate), some elastic, scissors, and a paper clip – pretty ribbon is optional.


Start by folding your towel in half length wise (so it’s tall). You can press it at this point if you’d like. Take a paper clip and press it out to a cane shape like up there. Then push the one end of your elastic over the curve.


Push the paper clip thru the seam of your towel (snip holes at the end if it’s not already open) I attached the hook at the end so the end of the elastic would stay with the end of the towel and pushed the towel on to the paper clip like below. Once the other end of the elastic appeared I detached the front end from the paper clip and tied a knot creating a circle with the seam. After that it was easy to pull the paper clip out the way it came in.


Make sure your towel is nice and smooth – and still inside out – then sew a quick seam along the long open opposite the fold.

**picture of stitch

Now flip it right side out . . . viola! It’s all set to hold your plastic bags now. I wanted mine to hang as I imagine most of you will . . . at first I was going to get some pretty ribbon – then I decided to use leftover elastic instead of spend money on ribbon – but then my towel had this little piece on the inside . . .


I didn’t have a need for it on the towel so I snipped it off and stitched it right on the top to use as a hanger.

photo 1 (4)

Now it’s all done, and my cabinet is already much cleaner. Next up is the foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap, etc . . .

photo 3 (3) photo 4 (2) photo 2 (4)

How do you store your plastic bags? Any other kitchen organization tips?