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wood circles and chalkboards

do you guys ever get an idea and you just have no idea where it came from? it just popped into your head and there it was . . .

that’s what happened with this. I saw these while searching for arts and crafts on amazon and I immediately saw a chalkboard on it. When I see it, I see it with a blue door . . . so I searched and searched for another image like that and I can’t find it . . . I guess I want a blue door . . .

full disclosure I found similar ones cheaper at Jo’ann’s, and I use this paint.


I was worried about getting a perfect circle on there so I embraced not being perfect before I even began. when I got started I saw a darker line about an inch from the edge and decided to use that as my outline.

then I just painted within that circle . . . as I expected it was not perfect . . .


so I took a black permanent maker and filled it in a little better so it looks a straight.


Then I got some fun ribbon out of my stash, stapled it to the back, and made a pretty bow . . .


All done! Easier front door décor I’ve ever made, and one of the cutest. I especially love that with a little change of the ribbon I can use this one year round!


What do you think? anybody else out there with an obsession with chalkboards. I blame Jessica.

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