High fives on May 16th

It was another stressful week at work, but it is over . . . and this weekend I get to spend with my nieces and nephews! I hope your weeks were not as stressful and much more eventful than mine.

 mother’s day was a super fun night! we had a cook out with both mother’s and my sister. Since I was the only female who was not a mother it was fun to cook with the boys so they could relax.


 Saturday my husband and I spent at the grand prix (it’s a indycar race)! Through my job I was able to get reasonably priced seats by the pit (which I’m told is good). So I surprised my husband with them for his 30th birthday a couple months back. He loved it!


 Being from Indianapolis – especially with an indy car loving husband –  I feel like it’s required that I love the month of May. but I don’t . . . I said several times on Saturday that I hate Indiana in May. But seeing the smile it puts on Scott’s face and how pretty the city looks makes up for it a little.


a friend at work and i are having corn dogs for lunch today. is it paleo? no, but I’ve done pretty good 80% of the time this week. I can’t wait for some fried flour and reminiscing about when we were younger and ate them all the time.

how has your week been? any big plans for the weekend?


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