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I realized something the other day. I love to make things look pretty.

I write this blog mostly as a creative outlet for me. it makes me find that next project to do, the next recipe to make, to take care of my myself and share how… and I’m thankful for that. being creative in any way is what makes me happy, and I’ve realized it keeps me focused. it’s my outlet … but I’d also love for this little blog to grow up and be big and beautiful. so I’ve struggled sometimes with the direction of it all. I feel like if I focus on just one thing I might get more daily readers …and we all hate (secretly love) that girl at work or at school who excels at/has her foot in everything (not that I’m that girl, I am no-where near that girl).  But focusing on one thing . . . that’s not really me. I’m all over the place in real life and my mind is always going a thousand miles a minute.

so why can’t my blog?


. . . . and that’s when I realized the common factor, I just like to make things look pretty … food, my house, my face, my clothes, all of it. But if making things pretty was the common factor . . . I feel like I should do more outfit posts. Or maybe that’s just me, in my head, because it’s something I want to do . . . but it’s kinda hard. . .


I struggle just like most women do with body issues. I was made fun of ALOT when I was a teenager because my body grew faster than the other girls. I was taller than most of the girls (and boys) until high school  . . . I had B cups and baby ready hips in the 3rd grade –

(big boobie/booty becky anybody?) . . . ‘lady time’ started in the 4th grade . . .

I thought it was ketchup from a hot dog at lunch on my dress . . . this is real, right now . . .

I don’t ever remember being smaller than a size 10. Most of my life, I’ve been in fairly good shape thanks to playing soccer and conditioning until about 5 years ago, but I’ve never been skinny, and I struggle to keep my weight steady especially now without consistently playing soccer . . . I’ve always had big boobs, big butt, and big hips.

It is what it is, and I’m learning to accept it.

 to just be healthy . . . to eat right and workout at a level I’m comfortable with


But I’m not totally there yet. I haven’t totally accepted it. So putting pictures of myself ( especially the lower half) on the internet is nerve racking . . . BUT I truly believe that all women, no matter what shape, or size, or color . . . are beautiful! And we were all made in God’s image and he doesn’t make mistakes. So I’m going to put the pictures up to inspire myself, and hopefully inspire others . . .

I’m not a professional fashion consultant by any means, but I like to make things pretty.

 and if just one of you thinks it’s pretty too then it’s all worth it.

By the way this is me . . . in one my favorite outfits that I talk about all the time . . . did a post all about how you can get the stuff at Target a couple weeks ago (jeans are old navy sweetheart skinny’s) . . .


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