Lip Primer

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I like a good bold lip. This is a fairly recent discovery for me . . . before the last year or so I would rarely – if ever – wear any color on my lips unless it was a special occasion. Even those occasions I would occasionally forget . . .

My wedding for instance ,which was a year ago, I had started playing around with lip colors, but nothing major. So I planned to just wear my favorite lip gloss floating around in my purse. A year later and I can’t believe I was so blase about it

But I had a little problem with my bold lips until recently . . .

bad lip

The color was bleeding onto my skin – even in cool weather. Easy fix would be lip liner of course, but I don’t want to spend $18 on a good lip liner for every color of lip stick I have. I did look into lip liners for your natural tone or in a clear color, but I didn’t read good things.

Then I remembered this . . .

primer 2

The one thing I did seriously think about for the wedding was the fact that it would be hot out. I didn’t want my lip gloss to melt onto my chin and then onto my dress (this is a rational worry, right?) so I had bought this lip primer. I pulled it out of my stash recently to see if it was something I could wear on a daily basis . . . spoiler alert it is!!!

Here’s what it looks like when I put it on clean and clear lips . . .


and here is a bold color on top (right after application) . . .

good lip

and here it is about 8 hours later with no touch ups . . .

good lip 2

I know I forgot to take a close up, but I promise there was no bleeding onto my skin. There was a little fading, but I think that’s because I had eaten lunch, eat some candy at a movie, and then eaten dinner in the time between the two pictures . . . not because of the lip stick or the primer.

What do you use to help keep your makeup in one place? any other lip primer lovers out there?

yup I forgot the color I’m wearing is Rimmel London  Show Off Lip lacquer in Apocaliptic
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