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high Five for Friday – May 30th

I know I was off my blogging game yesterday. Feel free to call me a slacker . . . you’ll see why in a few sentences. This week actually went fast and smooth (except for one thing) just as I had hoped it would. Our vacation officially begins today at 3pm today when I pick up my man at work and we head on out for our road trip . . . EXCITED!

photo 1 (4)

This past weekend we went down to Louisville to spend time with Scott’s grandmother and great aunt. It was so nice spending time with them and eating some of their good cooking! Jeese taught me how to make the BEST hamburgers! I might even share the recipe with you all. While we were there we took a little drive over to the town where they grew up and where Scott’s grandfather is buried. We walked the cemetery and saw all of their family. My mother in law and I even took a little joy walk (huh?) and saw some old very interesting graves. AND we visited the restaurant up there . . . it was interesting.

photo 2

This one got me through Thursday.

photo 3 (3)

America’s got talent started up this Monday, and my nephew was not on yet . . . but keep watching! This is him and his handsome older brother a few years ago. He always knew he’d be world famous 🙂


Those two up there have a little brother AJ who is the sweetest kid I know. He loves animals and is so funny. I really think he got more of the Butcher weirdness. His birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday weirdo 🙂

photo 4 (4)

We do have to make one small detour and take a small break in our vacation so we can do a little mourning. My mother’s favorite brother – my Uncle Bob – passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. I didn’t get to see him much, but I loved him and my mama was very close to her big brother. He had a wood working shop in his basement where he made all sorts of things for our family including my lamps I’ve told you about, a table for my mom, my sister a rolling pin, and just last month he and AJ the birthday boy made a bird house for my sister in law. He was so good at it! He came up just this Monday to see my mama for memorial day and get another tree from her yard that had fallen to make more things for our family. I think my favorite thing about him was just how giving he was! He would do anything for anybody. He drove a bus for a few years and proved just that to a lot of people. God gained a good man for his team yesterday.

I do have some blogs scheduled for next week while I’m on vaca so be sure to come on back 🙂 I hope you all have a great week.


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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love hats. I do hate doing my hair . . .


In warmer temps – such as we are gloriously having now – I spend as many weekends poolside as I can which equals wet hair. I usually convince myself that I have a nice curl going on if I can just keep it after a shower. But my hair is thick and heavy . . . and I just hate putting product in it. So the curl goes away, and the hat comes on.


As an accessory it really can just add the edge to almost any outfit – from a maxi dress, to shorts and a tank, even jeans and a button up. Here are a few that are on my wish list for this season.


wood circles and chalkboards

do you guys ever get an idea and you just have no idea where it came from? it just popped into your head and there it was . . .

that’s what happened with this. I saw these while searching for arts and crafts on amazon and I immediately saw a chalkboard on it. When I see it, I see it with a blue door . . . so I searched and searched for another image like that and I can’t find it . . . I guess I want a blue door . . .

full disclosure I found similar ones cheaper at Jo’ann’s, and I use this paint.


I was worried about getting a perfect circle on there so I embraced not being perfect before I even began. when I got started I saw a darker line about an inch from the edge and decided to use that as my outline.

then I just painted within that circle . . . as I expected it was not perfect . . .


so I took a black permanent maker and filled it in a little better so it looks a straight.


Then I got some fun ribbon out of my stash, stapled it to the back, and made a pretty bow . . .


All done! Easier front door décor I’ve ever made, and one of the cutest. I especially love that with a little change of the ribbon I can use this one year round!


What do you think? anybody else out there with an obsession with chalkboards. I blame Jessica.

Monthly favorites

I love to try new beauty products – it’s probably obvious! Birch box definitely helps with that . . . but I always have my eye out for new and different things based on looks I have in mind to try, ideas I’ve seen around the interwebs, products I’m about to run out of, etc. So once a month or so (maybe a little less if I find something else to talk about) I’m going to share my 5 favorite things I’ve found the month. Here’s May’s . . .

monthly favorites


tweezers  .  body wash  .  lotion  .  eye shadow  .  primer

One of my very first birch boxes had a small sample of this lotion and I loved it. Now that the summer is coming and my legs need some nourishment I can’t get enough.


A few weeks ago I told you guys about my new found love of lip primer! In the post, I used elf’s version – I really liked it. Usually, a new product I’ll get an elf version since it’s inexpensive, and then I’ll try out a better brand to see if a little more money brings a little more quality also. In this case, I don’t think it brings more quality, but I do like the texture and application of this one better than the stick.


I’ve had the same tweezers since high school – I can’t tell you where they came from or how much they were. They were good to me, but recently they just kinda stopped working. They weren’t grabbing like they were supposed to and something happened to the angle . . . I don’t know it just did. So I got these, and I’m in love.


I love philosophy body washes. They last, smell great, and are so soft on my skin. This is the first time I’ve tried this scent, and I like it!


Finally, I love a good crème eye shadow. I normally use a little as a primer for all my eye shadows. I tried this on a whim based on a review from Kate at the Small things Blog. I should have known she’d send me to something amazing!


There they are! The top 5 for May. What’s your favorites this month?

Friday love on May 23rd.

the days are just dragging until we go on vacation! thank god for a 3 day weekend 🙂 we’re heading down to Louisville to spend some time with Scott’s grandmother instead of staying in town for the greatest spectacle in racing . . . surprisingly my feeling are torn. we had such a good time at the grand prix I kinda want to go, but I’m excited for a weekend away to take the focus off the fact that we have another week of work until we go on vaca . . .

I did get to spend lots of time with my favorite people this week to take some of the stress off. Here’s a few pictures for your viewing pleasure . . .

meandmauri photo 3 (8) photo 4 (4)

Isn’t this cake the cutest? It was at a baby shower I went to over the weekend for our cousin!

photo 2 (9)

Finally I have to give a HUGE shout out to my favorite band – South Six 5. jake and Andrew are the funnest, handsomest, talented kids I know . ..  Andrew just so happens to be my nephew. they are going to be on America’s Got Talent which starts this Tuesday!! If they make it thru (which they will since one of them is related to me) I really need ya’ll to vote, vote , vote!!



Cranberry paleo cookies

I really wanted some cookies the other day. Some oatmeal cranberry cookies that my mom makes, specifically. SO I decided to convert the recipe to paleo . . .


2 1/2 cups almond flour

1/2 unsalted butter

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup honey

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

1 egg

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 cup your favorite accessory – my are white chocolate chips

I know white chocolate isn’t strictly paleo, but neither am I. These are cookies . . . they need chocolate. That is all.

Mix everything together except your accessory and your cranberries. Once they are mixed well and resemble cookie dough . . . fold in your cranberries and accessories evenly.

put 1″ balls (or whatever  size you want because who really measures?)  on a lined cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10-15

eat them . . .and say yum


My boo Jeans

Distressed and boyfriend jeans are starting to make a comeback, guys! I’m equal parts thrilled and annoyed.

Thrilled because I love a good boyfriend jean and I do like the rustic look you get with some distressing.

Annoyed because I threw out all my old distressed jeans when they went out last time, and because my hips and butt are toooooooo curvy to handle a boyfriend jean. I try to make them work, but my belt pops out and the hips are too tight.


While I track down some new distressed jeans, I did find some boyfriend jeans that fit reasonably well. I still struggle with the belt loops, but we’re working on it. Future blog post about it if it works . . . or if it doesn’t . . .


I like to wear my boyfriend jeans the way I would any another jeans. Just because they look casual doesn’t mean I wear them casually.


Do you struggle with the waist/hip ratio like me?

jeans . top . sandals . purse . necklace from Charlotte Russe 2 years ago


New bedding

We’re finally at the end of the posts about our new bed!! And it’s all about the pretty stuff . . .


Since our new headboard is full of color I wanted the bedding to be clean and crisp. Not too busy, but with a little pattern  . . . while walking through Joann’s to get the headboard material I saw this fabric, and fell in love. Especially the way the light colors vibe with the darker purple in the headboard. I bought 2 yards and hoped I’d have enough. Turns out I didn’t – but I did have some queen size sheets from our old bed in a dark purple that matched perfectly with the headboard. So after washing the sheet and the new fabric I cut 2 panels of each at 21×37 inches – to fit these cheapo pillows. Since they were just going to be used as shams I just wanted to get cheap pillows. BUT HOLY GUACAMOLY! These pillows are pretty awesome. To make the covers I followed this post. Perfect!


At that point, I knew I needed a good comforter before I got the rest of the pillows set up. Going back to how I wanted everything to be clean and crisp I decided on just a simple white down comforter. I’ve had one before and I loved it.  I’ve also had really good experience with Target bedding. This one had good reviews online. Sold. I love everything about it except it’s a little thin. Def. keeps me warm . . . just thinner than I’m used to.

Along with that I wasn’t too worried about the sheets – we actually only use the pillow cases and a fitted sheet, so I just need something to cover the bed not something that would be seen. So we went with these sheets. We had them on our last bed, and never had any problems or issues. I purchased grey for now, and I plan on getting the white and purple later on down the road.


Around that time we decided on our new couches that I told you about last month, and the throw pillows that came with it ended up matching fairly well. Since I wasn’t going to use them in the living room (I wanted ones with more color in that room) I just put them in here. These I might change out . . . but for now I enjoy them – they actually grow on me the more I make the bed . . . which is rare.


For symmetries sake I wanted some smaller pillows to go in front. I’ve seen similar pins of this ‘Good morning gorgeous’ pillow, and have always thought we should get some. My husband says that to me first thing most mornings <3 So on an Etsy search I went and found the perfect ones to bring in the cream of the shams and the white of the comforter. The purple pillow in the middle is an oldie, but goodie I got at Walmart of all places.

bed skirt

Once everything was set up I realized I needed a bed skirt. I wasn’t sure we’d need one with the low profile bed frame, but the supports legs hit right at the outer edge of the bed which makes the frame VERY visible – even if only 14″. I did a pinterest search for DIY versions and found that I liked this style, but I wasn’t trust worthy of my sewing skills to create the ruffle. Then I found this one with a ruffle for under $20. I doubt I could get the 3 yards of fabric I’d need for much cheaper. And for for $18 we’re good – we’re better than good.

 Here’s a rundown of the bedding budget :

 Comforter $29

Sheets $49

Fabric for shams $20

Pillows for shams $10

Bed skirt $18

Etsy pillows $26

Total $152

And that brings the total for the entire bed to :

Mattress $645

Bedframe $102

Headboard $56

Bedding $ 152

Total: $955

I cannot tell you the excitement over saving that much money!! Without making our headboard and searching for the best price on the mattress we wouldn’t have been able to do it and all that took was some time and effort . . . Since we saved $545 we were able to get new nightstands and a new dresser.

zee bed

. . . If you know me well you know we saved some money there with a little DIY elbow grease. I’ll tell you all about it just as soon as I finish painting them.

May Birchbox

photo (22)

CoTZ .. Face Nautral skin tone SPF 40

I’m saving this for my upcoming vacation. I doubt I have enough to last the 4 days I’ll be at the beach, but for at least 2 days it’ll be nice to have an spf made just for my face that will give me a little finish.

 Jouer .. Luminizing Moisutre Tint

I struggle with all the different types of lotions to put on your face. As I get older my face gets oiler so I don’t want to load it up everyday with primer, bb cream, foundation, concealer, highlighter . . . blah blah blah . . . . so I used this in place of my bb cream one day and I didn’t hate it. Was it better than what I’m using? No . . . it didn’t make my feel look like it had a dewy glow tho.

 LAQA & Co. .. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in coral

This smells delightfully minty and has a little sting when you first put it on. It feels like a lip stick but wears like a gloss. I do like the coral color so this is a good addition to my lip stash!

 Number 4 High Performance hair care .. Volumizing shampoo and condition

This has an impact on my life and I will be doing a full review later.

 32 Oral Care .. Effervescent Breath Crystals with IsoBoxy

You’re supposed to swish these around until they pop in your mouth and it helps with unpleasant odors! It’s also supposed to give you a clean feeling like Orbit. And it does . ..  it feels like poprocks . . . but it smells like baby powder.

 I was very pleased with my birchbox this month. I’m still thinking about changing my profile up to get a different type of ‘style’, but this month did not disappoint. Especially the shampoo . . .

High fives on May 16th

It was another stressful week at work, but it is over . . . and this weekend I get to spend with my nieces and nephews! I hope your weeks were not as stressful and much more eventful than mine.

 mother’s day was a super fun night! we had a cook out with both mother’s and my sister. Since I was the only female who was not a mother it was fun to cook with the boys so they could relax.


 Saturday my husband and I spent at the grand prix (it’s a indycar race)! Through my job I was able to get reasonably priced seats by the pit (which I’m told is good). So I surprised my husband with them for his 30th birthday a couple months back. He loved it!


 Being from Indianapolis – especially with an indy car loving husband –  I feel like it’s required that I love the month of May. but I don’t . . . I said several times on Saturday that I hate Indiana in May. But seeing the smile it puts on Scott’s face and how pretty the city looks makes up for it a little.


a friend at work and i are having corn dogs for lunch today. is it paleo? no, but I’ve done pretty good 80% of the time this week. I can’t wait for some fried flour and reminiscing about when we were younger and ate them all the time.

how has your week been? any big plans for the weekend?