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High five for Friday . . .

I hope you all had a great week just like I did! This weekend is set to be productive and yet relaxing at the same time . . . my favorite . . . and I cannot wait. 3 hours and it o fficially starts. . . holla!

photo 1

My favorite thing from this week was without a doubt that I got to wear flip flops . . .


My 2nd favorite thing is this picture which will now take the place of every other picture every where.


We went to a china buffet this weekend, and I got some quality time with Buddha . . . as well as my parents which was nice. Now that I’m married I don’t get as much one on one time with them . . . Scott is always butting in 😉

photo 2

this print from brickyard buffalo will soon be hanging in my office . . . I love it so.

photo (22)

I stepped up my game this week as far as fashion and beauty. I feel so put together, and I can’t wait share my favorites one being this lip stick. Loreal in blushing rose.



Baking wish list

Baking is a great way for me to release some stress or if I need to feel loved. Something about how everything comes together to make this amazing piece of sweetness just makes my heart warm. It doesn’t hurt that when people eat it they tell me how awesome I am . . . But sometimes I need motivation to continue to work on my kitchen skills. Here’s my most recent motivation . . .


kitchenaid – Who doesn’t want a kitchenaide? My only problem is saving up enough and deciding what color I want. Purple is obviously my favorite but it doesn’t match my kitchen.

flex beater (not pictured)– This is the attachment I most want. I’ve heard rave things about the flex beater and how much easier it makes EVERYTHING with your kitchenaide.

silicone spatula – I don’t think you can ever have enough of these. They make mixing the bowl and emptying the bowl so much easier. Even the cheapo ones are better than a regular spoon.

adjustable rolling pin – The next big then on my list of ‘learn to make real good’ is homemade pie crust so an adjustable rolling pin would definetly come in handy. I do have a rolling pin now, but I’ve had it for about 10 years . . . and it’s not adjustable.

egg crate – They’re just cute, and we use eggs almost every day with our healthier lifestyle so these would also make it much more convenient.

apron – I’m not a big apron girl, and that always ends up in dirty shirts when making sauces.

air bake –You just get such an even bake with these that is par to none. And the lip on the edge makes it easy to pull out.

ribbon – Little people always ask for cakes in fun shapes, with this I can try to give them what they want. And it’s all about the little people for me when it comes to cakes.

measuring cup and measuring spoons – I have a problem of just guessing when it comes to ingredients other than flour and sugar . . . not sure why? Maybe cute measuring cups and measuring spoons will help.

Dirty 30 – Scott’s 30th birthday

When I started to plan my husbands 30th birthday party, I knew a few things it had to be . . . family friendly – he relishes being Uncle Scott so I knew he’d want them there, relaxing for the birthday boy – of course, and beer. That’s how the beer tasting party began. . .

Of course, it all started with the invitations. Vistaprint is my go to for easy, customizeable invites. We ended up with something clean and simple. The main point was to be sure everyone knew what kind of beer to bring the birthday boy – which I wrote in after the colon. I sent out 20 invitations so I divided that into 5 categories – porters, stouts, pale ale, ipa’s, and other. The other was soda’s, gluten free beer, or another alcohol.


The day of the party we set it up the main living area of our house since it was rather chilli outside still. Guests sat on the couches, an extra table in the open space of the living room, and the dining room table. We had the NCAA tourney on the tv and games set out for people to play on the tables. I used racing flag fabric and confetti hydrangeas in mason jars to make the tables prettier.


In the kitchen, we had buckets for each type of drink. Close to each bucket we had a few tasting cups (little Dixie cups) a few bigger cups (red solo), some fancy straws, and a label with history facts.


For other decorations, I used the craft paper in the invitations as my base and branched out in blacks and browns from there. We had two craft paper bunting signs – one for the mantel and one for above the food. I also used some black poster board to cut out the word ‘cheers’ for the main seating area. I simply taped it to the wall with washi tape in our color scheme. I also made a few tissue paper tassel garlands and strategically placed them throughout the area. Here’s the tutorial I used. My favorite party was definitely the pictures of Scott I washi taped to the wall splitting the living room and kitchen. Both areas had to be passed by all of our guests so I knew it was the perfect spot for them all to see my favorite pictures of him at all ages!

3  1  4 5

I wanted to keep the food super easy, and per my hubs request it needed to be partly paleo, but not all paleo since most of our friends don’t follow that. The party started at 4 and went on until almost 10 so I figured snack type foods to go with beer would be best. Veggies and fruits with paleo avocado dip. gluten free tortilla chips with homemade salsa. pretzels. homemade cupcakes and brownies. and for the ones there around dinner time I got some pizza.


This party was so much fun for me to plan and easier than I expected, everyone had a lot of fun, and most importantly the birthday boy got to have ring in his 30th year with all of his favorite things.

High five for Friday – April 4th.

It’s April! and it hasn’t snowed in a week . . . oh the happiness

photo 4

1. This past weekend I got some quality cousin time in! My parents and I traveled down to Kentucky to see my aunt, uncle, and a few cousins. We took some of my nieces and nephews with us . . . 3 hours both ways with 4 kids . . . the cousins made it worth it.

2. My family and I are finally getting together to celebrate March birthday tonight – we have 4. that means my hubs finally gets to celebrate his 30th with family, and I’ll get my favorite dessert 🙂 Afterward two of my nephews are leaving for Disney world and I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEM!

photo 3

3. My favorite show ended this week. I’m just not even gonna comment on the finale. Regardless, it was a big moment this week, and I’m gonna miss Ted Mosby.

4. the hubs and I saw captain America last night. It was really good. go see it.

photo (22)

5. you know there has to be a picture of them in here right?

I hope you all had a great week and have big plans for the weekend . ..  even if those big plans are to binge watch some Netflix and eat pizza in bed.

Spring has sprung

Late March, April, and even into May the temps are warm around here . . . nice and comfortable . . . like 60’s maybe 70’s. But the wind is killer . . . something about lake affect something . . . My only concern is the actual temperature.

So my staple wardrobe looks something like this . . .

photo 3

Shirt, scarf, fun earrings. So simple and I can pair it with anything . . . jeans, dress pants, a cute skirt, shorts, even put a dress in place of the shirt if I want. I’m warm when it’s chilly, but not loaded down with my coat anymore, and that is where happiness lies.

photo 4

The perfect place to get these items this time of year is Target (this is not a sponsored post, I just love Target – who doesn’t?). Here’s a few of my other favorites that I found on their website.

scarves and earrings

What are your spring staples? Anybody live in a place that skips spring and goes straight to summer? I love the milder temps of spring

Pin Cushions

Easiest and maybe the cutest project for your sewing kit today, in the history of ever. A Saturday not long ago my mama and I went to Jo’Ann’s (the local fabic/craft store) and got everything I needed for a sewing kit. I had researched what I would need a little, but mainly just used mama’s knowledge. She said – as did my research – that I didn’t necessarily have to have a pin cushion, but it would be a convenience.

Since it wasn’t a necessity I was not going to settle for a tomato – even if they made it in purple fabric. If you’re on pinterest you know where I’m going with this . . . mason jar pin cusion. As usual, I saw the pictures and figured it out for myself so I did not follow a tutorial. But I do have a couple pinned under my sewing board you can find here if you’d like to compare.


To start you’ll need some scrap fabric, cotton balls, a mason jar (any size will do) with seperated lid, and scissors.




Cut a piece of fabric to fit over the lid like the picture below with about 1” extra since we’ll be adding the cotton balls




Add the cotton balls in between and push the cap tightly over.




Trim your fabric – be sure to go low enough that the ridges are seen




Add your pins!


photo 5 (3)

It works perfectly, and it’s better than a tomato. The cotton is a little loose from the outer part of the lid, but it stays put so no worries. If it ever became a problem a little hot glue under around the edge would work.

What are things you like to keep in your sewing kit that aren’t necessities?