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Girls, this post is for you . . . that’s probably 99% of you.

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Bras . . . today’s post is all about bras. . . It amazes me how much we don’t properly care for our bras. Even after all the Oprah episodes about wearing the right size, and where to find the good ones; I still find that a lot of girls just don’t. A good bra can cost a lot of money, so why would we NOT take care of them? I know we’re busy, busy girls and it’s not a party to care for our bras . . . but I have a few short tips to make it easier.

1. Washing – by hand is the best method, and it’s pretty easy.

I fill my sink up with warm water and add enough baby shampoo to make it very sudsy.

Then I let my bras soak in there for about an hour while I go do something else.

Rinse everything out with cold water – while I do so I rub the fabric together gently

  • If you have to wash them in the machine use a lingerie bag on the gentle cycle with cold water.


2. Never put your bras in the dryer. The heat breaks down the spandex . . . no spandex = no elastic band.

As I rinse them I lay each one on a towel and press the water out – never ring the water out.

Lastly I hang them up to dry – usually on my shower rod, but I dream of this drying rack

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3. Storing them is also easy peasy. For your molded (padded) bras you’ll want to leave them in their usual shape. Folding them up, while it saves room can contort the molding. So just lay them flat in your drawer with the backs hooked. I’ve found keeping them hooked as much as I can helps the hooks keep their shape.

4.Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row – As if we needed a reason to shop, I definetl yrecommend having at least 3 good bras so you never have to wear one two days in a row. If you don’t give each bra a day to relax and let the elastic form back to it’s original shape, you’re risking stretching it out permanently.


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And there you have it! My tips for taking care of your boob carriers! I’ve read many articles that say yours should last6 months to a year, and following these tips, mine have always lasted a year. Considering my bras have a lot to hold I feel like that’s good odds . . . by the way when girls with super sized boobs, not just big – super sized . . . talk about/complain about their problems it is not a humble brag . . . I get complaints from flat chested girls and I always say I’m willing to share, but when someone with a D cup complains about back pain I just think ‘girl you don’t know what back pain is’ . .

But all those ‘problems’ with our boobs we have make us who we are, and God doesn’t make mistakes. Plus, if we get good bras and take care of them we can add a little padding or give backs some support.


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