Paper Straw Crafts

I love, love paper straws! They make drinking so much prettier!

Since I have such a deep love for these darling straws, I usually end up having an abundance. So in order to recycle some of them I looked up some craft ideas on pinterest. Here’s my top 5

paper straws

cake topper :: This would be cute for just about any cake – including a wedding cake. So many possibilities for what to put between – bunting, pom poms, flowers, candles, I could go on.


wreath :: I love this idea for a simple wreath at any of the holiday’s. Pick a color scheme to match and your point is made in an adorable way.


easel :: I’m always looking for ways to display art from my nieces and nephews. They could even help me make the display with these. While we drink chocolate milk . . . from paper straws.


Christmas tree :: Anytime objects are put in the shape of another object. I’m a fan. I see this with some pretty string put through the middle and hung on the tree.


firework garland :: Ok, she doesn’t call this firework garland, but isn’t that what it looks like? (or is it just me?) I love this for the 4th of July.

So what’s your favorite? anybody else have other paper crafts?

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