highest of fives on this April 25th

It’s another rainy day here in the hoosier state. But I get to wear my flippie floppies so I’ll take it. the hubs is taking me to see a girly movie tonight because he’s awesome, and we have a weekend packed with birthday parties (that’s the norm these days).

I’m so thrilled!

Last weekend I took my nephew Me’Sean to see Rio 2 as part of his birthday present. He looooved it, and his little sister posed for some awesome pictures while we were there.

photo 2 (4)

the next day we had easter with my family. Does your family indulge in pickled eggs on easter . . . we do, and they’re wonderful?

photo 1 (4)

I got two amazing things in the mail this weekend that I’m really excited to put to good use this weekend. My monogram wristlet I got here and the ‘fiesta’ tank I got here. My most favorite things was they arrived the same day 2 other packages arrived. I just love good mail days.

That’s all I got for this week! I hope you guys have a great weekend . . . mk, you guys. mk

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