High 5 4 Friday! April 18th

This week was pretty slow, anybody else feel that way? I need to get some activities going and the allergy meds kickin’ . . .  But there are always things to be happy about!

1. Not gonna lie . . . my husband is going to Chicago with a few of his best friends tomorrow and I get the house to myself for a day . . . I’m excited. . . we’re best friends so we’re together all the time and I love it . . . but once a year something like this happens and I get the entire day to myself – I get to paint where ever I want to paint and play the music as loud as I want and not worry that he hates 90’s pop . . . and I’ll probably take a break from paleo tomorrow and have some bread. I won’t feel bad about it because no one will know, but me and you guys. I’m gonna miss these days when we have kids so I gotta live it up now, right?

And don’t feel bad for him, guys! He got one of these days a couple weeks ago when I went to see my uncle for the weekend and he ‘studied’ for a new license at work.

photo 1 (2)

2. Speaking of that man, I love so much . . . We had an awesome weekend with not one, but TWO date nights last weekend. My view from the other side of the table was pret ty good Saturday night.

3. this picture from Target Style’s instagram has gotten me really excited to get our porch ready for summer!

photo 3

4. candy = the bane of my existence

photo 4

5. During my day to myself tomorrow I get to have dinner and quality girl time with my bestie in my old stomping grounds of Greenwood. That probably means more people will know about the bread . . .

Have a great Easter guys!


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