High five for Friday . . .

I hope you all had a great week just like I did! This weekend is set to be productive and yet relaxing at the same time . . . my favorite . . . and I cannot wait. 3 hours and it o fficially starts. . . holla!

photo 1

My favorite thing from this week was without a doubt that I got to wear flip flops . . .


My 2nd favorite thing is this picture which will now take the place of every other picture every where.


We went to a china buffet this weekend, and I got some quality time with Buddha . . . as well as my parents which was nice. Now that I’m married I don’t get as much one on one time with them . . . Scott is always butting in 😉

photo 2

this print from brickyard buffalo will soon be hanging in my office . . . I love it so.

photo (22)

I stepped up my game this week as far as fashion and beauty. I feel so put together, and I can’t wait share my favorites one being this lip stick. Loreal in blushing rose.



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