Baking wish list

Baking is a great way for me to release some stress or if I need to feel loved. Something about how everything comes together to make this amazing piece of sweetness just makes my heart warm. It doesn’t hurt that when people eat it they tell me how awesome I am . . . But sometimes I need motivation to continue to work on my kitchen skills. Here’s my most recent motivation . . .


kitchenaid – Who doesn’t want a kitchenaide? My only problem is saving up enough and deciding what color I want. Purple is obviously my favorite but it doesn’t match my kitchen.

flex beater (not pictured)– This is the attachment I most want. I’ve heard rave things about the flex beater and how much easier it makes EVERYTHING with your kitchenaide.

silicone spatula – I don’t think you can ever have enough of these. They make mixing the bowl and emptying the bowl so much easier. Even the cheapo ones are better than a regular spoon.

adjustable rolling pin – The next big then on my list of ‘learn to make real good’ is homemade pie crust so an adjustable rolling pin would definetly come in handy. I do have a rolling pin now, but I’ve had it for about 10 years . . . and it’s not adjustable.

egg crate – They’re just cute, and we use eggs almost every day with our healthier lifestyle so these would also make it much more convenient.

apron – I’m not a big apron girl, and that always ends up in dirty shirts when making sauces.

air bake –You just get such an even bake with these that is par to none. And the lip on the edge makes it easy to pull out.

ribbon – Little people always ask for cakes in fun shapes, with this I can try to give them what they want. And it’s all about the little people for me when it comes to cakes.

measuring cup and measuring spoons – I have a problem of just guessing when it comes to ingredients other than flour and sugar . . . not sure why? Maybe cute measuring cups and measuring spoons will help.

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