Dirty 30 – Scott’s 30th birthday

When I started to plan my husbands 30th birthday party, I knew a few things it had to be . . . family friendly – he relishes being Uncle Scott so I knew he’d want them there, relaxing for the birthday boy – of course, and beer. That’s how the beer tasting party began. . .

Of course, it all started with the invitations. Vistaprint is my go to for easy, customizeable invites. We ended up with something clean and simple. The main point was to be sure everyone knew what kind of beer to bring the birthday boy – which I wrote in after the colon. I sent out 20 invitations so I divided that into 5 categories – porters, stouts, pale ale, ipa’s, and other. The other was soda’s, gluten free beer, or another alcohol.


The day of the party we set it up the main living area of our house since it was rather chilli outside still. Guests sat on the couches, an extra table in the open space of the living room, and the dining room table. We had the NCAA tourney on the tv and games set out for people to play on the tables. I used racing flag fabric and confetti hydrangeas in mason jars to make the tables prettier.


In the kitchen, we had buckets for each type of drink. Close to each bucket we had a few tasting cups (little Dixie cups) a few bigger cups (red solo), some fancy straws, and a label with history facts.


For other decorations, I used the craft paper in the invitations as my base and branched out in blacks and browns from there. We had two craft paper bunting signs – one for the mantel and one for above the food. I also used some black poster board to cut out the word ‘cheers’ for the main seating area. I simply taped it to the wall with washi tape in our color scheme. I also made a few tissue paper tassel garlands and strategically placed them throughout the area. Here’s the tutorial I used. My favorite party was definitely the pictures of Scott I washi taped to the wall splitting the living room and kitchen. Both areas had to be passed by all of our guests so I knew it was the perfect spot for them all to see my favorite pictures of him at all ages!

3  1  4 5

I wanted to keep the food super easy, and per my hubs request it needed to be partly paleo, but not all paleo since most of our friends don’t follow that. The party started at 4 and went on until almost 10 so I figured snack type foods to go with beer would be best. Veggies and fruits with paleo avocado dip. gluten free tortilla chips with homemade salsa. pretzels. homemade cupcakes and brownies. and for the ones there around dinner time I got some pizza.


This party was so much fun for me to plan and easier than I expected, everyone had a lot of fun, and most importantly the birthday boy got to have ring in his 30th year with all of his favorite things.

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