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Bra care

Girls, this post is for you . . . that’s probably 99% of you.

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Bras . . . today’s post is all about bras. . . It amazes me how much we don’t properly care for our bras. Even after all the Oprah episodes about wearing the right size, and where to find the good ones; I still find that a lot of girls just don’t. A good bra can cost a lot of money, so why would we NOT take care of them? I know we’re busy, busy girls and it’s not a party to care for our bras . . . but I have a few short tips to make it easier.

1. Washing – by hand is the best method, and it’s pretty easy.

I fill my sink up with warm water and add enough baby shampoo to make it very sudsy.

Then I let my bras soak in there for about an hour while I go do something else.

Rinse everything out with cold water – while I do so I rub the fabric together gently

  • If you have to wash them in the machine use a lingerie bag on the gentle cycle with cold water.


2. Never put your bras in the dryer. The heat breaks down the spandex . . . no spandex = no elastic band.

As I rinse them I lay each one on a towel and press the water out – never ring the water out.

Lastly I hang them up to dry – usually on my shower rod, but I dream of this drying rack

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image via

3. Storing them is also easy peasy. For your molded (padded) bras you’ll want to leave them in their usual shape. Folding them up, while it saves room can contort the molding. So just lay them flat in your drawer with the backs hooked. I’ve found keeping them hooked as much as I can helps the hooks keep their shape.

4.Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row – As if we needed a reason to shop, I definetl yrecommend having at least 3 good bras so you never have to wear one two days in a row. If you don’t give each bra a day to relax and let the elastic form back to it’s original shape, you’re risking stretching it out permanently.

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And there you have it! My tips for taking care of your boob carriers! I’ve read many articles that say yours should last6 months to a year, and following these tips, mine have always lasted a year. Considering my bras have a lot to hold I feel like that’s good odds . . . by the way when girls with super sized boobs, not just big – super sized . . . talk about/complain about their problems it is not a humble brag . . . I get complaints from flat chested girls and I always say I’m willing to share, but when someone with a D cup complains about back pain I just think ‘girl you don’t know what back pain is’ . .

But all those ‘problems’ with our boobs we have make us who we are, and God doesn’t make mistakes. Plus, if we get good bras and take care of them we can add a little padding or give backs some support.


Paper Straw Crafts

I love, love paper straws! They make drinking so much prettier!

Since I have such a deep love for these darling straws, I usually end up having an abundance. So in order to recycle some of them I looked up some craft ideas on pinterest. Here’s my top 5

paper straws

cake topper :: This would be cute for just about any cake – including a wedding cake. So many possibilities for what to put between – bunting, pom poms, flowers, candles, I could go on.


wreath :: I love this idea for a simple wreath at any of the holiday’s. Pick a color scheme to match and your point is made in an adorable way.


easel :: I’m always looking for ways to display art from my nieces and nephews. They could even help me make the display with these. While we drink chocolate milk . . . from paper straws.


Christmas tree :: Anytime objects are put in the shape of another object. I’m a fan. I see this with some pretty string put through the middle and hung on the tree.


firework garland :: Ok, she doesn’t call this firework garland, but isn’t that what it looks like? (or is it just me?) I love this for the 4th of July.

So what’s your favorite? anybody else have other paper crafts? – a fun new makeup sight!

I hope everybody had a great weekend! We certainly did. Our nephew Me’Sean turned 8 years old as well as our good friend Drew turned 30! So it was jam packed with super fun birthday parties! Sunday night we finally finished house of cards season 1 . . . late night tv with my hubs is the only way i’ll watch such intense television.

Last week Brand Backer introduced me to a fun website I’ve spent the week trying it out and craving TONS of new makeup! I have a Sephora order in now . . . The basics for Glamst is this . . . try on new products or looks before you buy and share your ideas with other ladies!

All you have to do is jump on with the link above, create a profile, and upload a picture of yourself (or use a model pic). But it’s so much more than just trying out new products – here are a few things I liked about it

1. Ever wonder what you’ll look like with a cat eye? You can try not only different brands and formula’s, but different techiniques of eyeliner! eyeliner2. Once you’ve got your look created there are icons on the left sidebar to see what products you’ve used and links to purchase them at sephora! this also comes in handy for my next favorite part . . .

products3. My very favorite part is getting inspiration from other ladies on the sight. Find a look you like . . . click the ‘try on’ button . . . and boom! see it on yourself! Then click on the icons to see what products were used. Or on the right side see other similar looks to try.

try try on me


As you can see, I used a model pic for all of my looks. That would be my only frustration with the site . . . it wouldn’t upload any of my pics. I tried it on an hp and a mac with 3 different pictures that were all 3 different sizes. I get to this part (where you trim it to where you’d like) and it won’t move on . . .

UntitledI’m certainly not a computer whiz, but this shouldn’t be that big of a problem . . . I’ll keep you posted if I figure it out because I defiantly will keep using the site (or if you know what might be up please let me know!).

What do you think – will you use the sight? find it useful? I actually think I will use it to try out bold lip colors see if they go with my skin tone or not . . . especially since that’s my new obsession . . .


Can we talk about that lip color? It’s Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in ‘Fuschia in Rage’.

*This post is sponsored by Brand Backer and, but all opinions are 100% me*

highest of fives on this April 25th

It’s another rainy day here in the hoosier state. But I get to wear my flippie floppies so I’ll take it. the hubs is taking me to see a girly movie tonight because he’s awesome, and we have a weekend packed with birthday parties (that’s the norm these days).

I’m so thrilled!

Last weekend I took my nephew Me’Sean to see Rio 2 as part of his birthday present. He looooved it, and his little sister posed for some awesome pictures while we were there.

photo 2 (4)

the next day we had easter with my family. Does your family indulge in pickled eggs on easter . . . we do, and they’re wonderful?

photo 1 (4)

I got two amazing things in the mail this weekend that I’m really excited to put to good use this weekend. My monogram wristlet I got here and the ‘fiesta’ tank I got here. My most favorite things was they arrived the same day 2 other packages arrived. I just love good mail days.

That’s all I got for this week! I hope you guys have a great weekend . . . mk, you guys. mk

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Cast iron in the fire . . .


For our wedding, one of my mom’s long time friends gave us 3 cast iron skillets. I was so excited by all the possibilities of the things I could cook. 9 months later and I hadn’t used any of them . . . not even once. So when I found this recipe on pinterest. I decided it was time to try. Is it paleo . . . far from it? Did I try to adapt it . . .nope? Read thru how I made them and then you’ll find out what I thought . . .


Ingredients :

2 cups All-Purpose Flour

1 Tb. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp salt
3 Tb. sugar
1 stick unsalted butter
3/4-ish cup buttermilk

1 c. frozen blueberries

1/2 stick melted salted butter

1 c. powdered sugar
3 Tb. milk (or more if not thin enough)
1/2 tsp. vanilla



A few minutes before I got started I sliced one stick of butter and put it in the freezer. The tutorial says to get some bacon grease in your skillet . . . I didn’t do this, but I had some time to kill since mixing the ingredients doesn’t take long so I had a dance party in my kitchen . . . nope I did dishes.


At this point I followed the instructions per the website as close as I could, the only thing I did differently was I used almond milk instead of buttermilk with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Buttermilk is not something I keep in my fridge . . . cabinet? . . . so I found out a long time ago this mixture is a good substitute.





Final thought? Maybe the bacon grease and real buttermilk really do make a big difference . . . The biscuits were good; however I doubt I’ll make them again. If I do I won’t put as many blueberries in, I’ll use buttermilk to see if that makes a difference, I’ll use more flour so they aren’t as chewy, and I don’t think I’ll use the sauce at all – it was much too sweet. My husband says he loved them . . . he says that about most things I cook.




Birchbox April 2014

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It’s here! It felt like an eternity this month before it arrived! Now for the rundown


Anastasia beverly hills – clear brow gel: I gotta be honest . . . I’m big on good eyebrows so I was pumped to wear this. I see it helping . . . A LOT with keeping them in place, but it feels weird to have stuff on my eyebrows all day. Maybe I’ll get used to it?


Color club – Gala’s gems collection: I love that it’s called breakfast at . . . but I think I’ll stick with my essie.


Paula’s Choice – AHA gel exfoliant: I kinda love this stuff already. It feels really good, and I can feel my skin tightening up.


Supergoop! – Daily Correct SPF 35 CC: I must be starting to darken up from winter (need to update birchbox profile) because the color was a little light for me. But I did notice that it didn’t reek of spf like a lot of creams tend to do!


KIND Snacks – healthy grains bar: This was delish! I didn’t think I’d like it since it’s pumpkin. But you can barely taste the pumpkin.

High 5 4 Friday! April 18th

This week was pretty slow, anybody else feel that way? I need to get some activities going and the allergy meds kickin’ . . .  But there are always things to be happy about!

1. Not gonna lie . . . my husband is going to Chicago with a few of his best friends tomorrow and I get the house to myself for a day . . . I’m excited. . . we’re best friends so we’re together all the time and I love it . . . but once a year something like this happens and I get the entire day to myself – I get to paint where ever I want to paint and play the music as loud as I want and not worry that he hates 90’s pop . . . and I’ll probably take a break from paleo tomorrow and have some bread. I won’t feel bad about it because no one will know, but me and you guys. I’m gonna miss these days when we have kids so I gotta live it up now, right?

And don’t feel bad for him, guys! He got one of these days a couple weeks ago when I went to see my uncle for the weekend and he ‘studied’ for a new license at work.

photo 1 (2)

2. Speaking of that man, I love so much . . . We had an awesome weekend with not one, but TWO date nights last weekend. My view from the other side of the table was pret ty good Saturday night.

3. this picture from Target Style’s instagram has gotten me really excited to get our porch ready for summer!

photo 3

4. candy = the bane of my existence

photo 4

5. During my day to myself tomorrow I get to have dinner and quality girl time with my bestie in my old stomping grounds of Greenwood. That probably means more people will know about the bread . . .

Have a great Easter guys!


Paleo Avocado Dressing

Sometimes, you guys, sometimes I like to explore in the kitchen. I just like get in there and do stuff and see what happens. Most of the time it’s just easy peasy with some spices and a piece of chicken . . . this time tho I went kinda crazy with some expensive avocado’s . . . and it worked.out.awesome.

photo 5

The best part . . . it’s my very first cameupwithonmyown paleo recipe! Here’s the ingredients :

 1 very ripe avocado

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon cilantro

1 teaspoon lime juice

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon garlic salt

¼ cup water

photo (23)

All you do is cut and peel your avocado then put everything into your blender and liquefy it. If it’s not runny enough – like mine wasn’t – I added just a dab of almond milk (still paleo) so it was creamy but gave it the extra liquid it needed. We’ve used it on salads, to dip veggies in, and I’ve used it as a sauce on some fish.

It’s a nice and fresh addition to our spring menu!

living room updates

living room


I’m really excited to show you guys the re-vamp of our new living room today. It actually was all said and done about a month ago, but I had a birthday boy to celebrate (my husband) in the weeks after. Above is a wider show of what it looked like when we first moved in. I love my husband’s bachelor couches as much as the next girl, so it was definitely time for them to go. The room is a rectangle so over by the fireplace is an open wall, and below is what we had there.

living room2

That was the first place to change, and it was a no brainer what to do put there for me. The dining room had a ‘buffett’ that just didn’t fit the space, and this dresser has a special place in my heart and deserves a place of honor – so I’m re surfacing it for the bedroom. and the buffet got a fresh coat of white paint and new decorations from things around the house.





The fireplace you saw earlier this week with the new mirror. The curtains are the same as before – my favorite swiss polka dot sheers that I’ve had for 10+ years.


In the corner opposite the buffet, I put our fun chair. This was just an extra chair we had from a table in the office so I painted it added the pillow from Meijer and the blanket from Old Navy.


As for the rest of the living room, our biggest purchase was a new sectional from The Room Place, and a new recliner from Value City. I also practically stole this rug from – 5×8 rug for $80!! I saved $300 . . . I don’t know how I got so lucky.

IMG_0411 IMG_0415


I also finally found some lamp shades big enough for our lamps, that were a reasonable price. I hate spending a lot of money on lamps or lamp shades. I don’t know why I just think they are way over priced  . . . I found these on clearance at Target for $11 each! And on the bottom of one of the end tables might be my favorite little guy. I’ve named her Elphaba, obviously, and she stands for the security and stability of our home.





The last thing to show you is our new tv wall. It used to be a complete mess of black boxes and messy cords, but my husband loving sold half of those black boxes since we never used them and he knew I hated them – don’t worry we kept the ones we actually used – and for my birthday we took a trip to ikea and bought our new TV stand – it’s the ‘besta’ with drawers! I also moved the wedding picture from above the fireplace to here above the tv to soften the wall a little!


The room feels so much more bright and happy these days. A month ago I would come home from work, make dinner, tackle my to do list, and then relax in the bedroom. Now the relaxation happens here.

Lady in the mirror.

Our living room just underwent some major re-do’s, but before I share the big stuff I wanted to show you a little re-vamp that was inspired by a piece many of you loved from last month – the anthropoligie inspired letters in the kitchen.

I knew I wanted to put a mirror on the mantel piece. Why? Mostly  because when I searched for inspiration those were the ones I was drawn to, and slightly because I had taken a mirror off the wall for the letters and needed a place for it now.


Only problem was the mirror was black, and that just wasn’t going to work with the new living room color scheme. My first thought was to just paint it a bright, happy color like green or blue, but I worried that would be over kill because of all the other areas those colors are in the room. So I decided to go ahead and try the same technique I used on the letters over the metal surface of the frame. Worst case scenario I could sand it a little and repaint it.

photo (22)

On the letters, I only did one coat of the dry brush with the silver paint and no poly after that. With the mirror one coat looked like the picture above. So I did one more coat to get more even coverage and to help with the visible brush strokes. Then I used a light layer of poly acrylic over that just to help with any chipping. Most importantly, I let it dry before each coat. If you wanted to do this with a mirror that is not already black, I would recommend spray painting it black with rustoleum paint since it has to be black under the silver to get the look of steel.


Overall, I think it worked just like the letters and gave the mirror that galvanized steel look. It also really brightens up the area without looking too colorful.


Have any of you ever had a project that inspired another project?