H54F – March 14

It was such a busy week this week! My husband’s 30th birthday party is next Saturday AND we’re getting new furniture! So we’re busy getting the house ready for all of that, and I’m stressing out about completing my biggest restoration project yet. More to come on that in a couple weeks  . . . even if I bomb it I’ll post about it.

Here were the highlights. . .

3 4

I don’t know why that picture is horizontal. I’ve already tried fixing it every way I know how . . . so moving on . . . We took the kids to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was highlarious!!! I liked it better than the Lego Movie. We also posed with Liz Lemon and made mustaches out of our gum . . .


5 DAYS!!!! 5 DAYS!!!


This is our monogram I had made from my wedding bouquet. you can go here to find where I got them done. I expected them to more purple since my bouquet was different shades of purple. but I still love it and they were so helpful when we had issues with the post office (did you know that the name you were born with is not your real name once you get married . . . yup if it’s in my maiden name they don’t deliver it to me)


I have a feeling this will soon become one of those over used quotes that becomes kind of cliché. But I really love it and until then I’m going to abuse it myself . . .

Hope you all had a great week like we did at the Stark household. This weekend we’re starting furniture delivery and a couple sewing projects!! Along with laundry and cleaning . . . so it should be super fun

What are you up to?

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