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If you followed my beauty posts at all then you should know that doin’ hair is not really my thang. But keeping it healthy is my thang . . . by accident. Anybody who has ever cut/colored it for me comments on how thick and healthy it is.

Well the thickness I got from my mama . . .all of the thickness not just the hair.

And the healthy is pretty much because I don’t know how to style it myself so product or heat damage is at the minimal . . . so it’s an accident that I have embraced.

I do want to look presentable and I am proud of my healthy hair so I try to put some effort into it on a daily basis. Here’s what I am currently using :




Hairdryer: I blow dry my hair every other day after my morning shower. I have used this particular one since I was 16 (that’s more than 10 years), and only replaced it once. It gets my hair dry in under 10 minutes, is easy to hold, and it’s pretty. I’m sure there are better professional grade ones out there, but I really like this one and for $20 you can’t beat it.


Hairbrush: I recently cut a few inches off my hair, and I wanted a new brush to go with the new look. So I did some research and figured out I needed a vented paddle brush for what I wanted – smoothness. This was my choice and so far, so good.


Comb: I found this many years ago at Sally’s when I finally learned wet hair needs a comb not a brush – thanks Shanna! And I still have the same one. I love it so much.


Curling Iron: The rare occasion I will curl my hair I use this Hot Tool’s one at 1”. I’ve only had mine for about 2 years, but I absolutely love it. It makes me want to experiment and get better at curling hair. There is a similar flat iron that I really want because my flat iron right now is embarrassing.


Gel: Before every blow dry I put this in to smooth my hair down and keep my bangs in place. It was recommended to me by the last person to cut my hair, and so far so good. I’ve struggled to find a good gel that doesn’t tangle my hair for some reason, and keeps the cow lick at the front in place. This seems to be doing the job. If that changes I’ll let you know.


Dry shampoo: On mornings I don’t wash my hair I put a little of this in on the roots. I do like this one, but I like Oscar Bandi more. The one thing I notice with dry shamps is the white residue they leave. Oscar and tresemme do not do that!

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