Clothes line art

Having nieces and nephews is probably the best feeling ever. I’m sure that will change when I have kids of my own, but for now this is what I got to work with. It’s pretty stellar. I am totally the aunt who when I meet new people and they ask if I have kids my response is “no, but look at the 500 pictures of my nieces and nephews I have on my iphone – and have you seen the new videos on facebook”. My favorite pictures change on the daily, and the little ones have gotten into the habit of drawing Scott and I pictures of how we look on certain days. It’s magical.

With this in mind, I decided I needed a place to put some of these pictures and drawings. My only requirement was that it was easy to switch them out. If you pin then I’m sure you’ve seen the clothes lines of art and pictures. So I used that as inspiration to create my own.


I have this piece of pallet art in our bedroom that I made a couple months ago. I still have fond feelings for it, but it didn’t fill the wall completely. And since I would see them all first thing in the morning I knew it was the perfect place to put my clothes line.

photo 1 (2)

The art is simply 2 slats from a pallet with two wooden brackets on the back to hold it together and hold it to the wall. I started with my wood piece, a stapler, and some galvanized steel wire leftover from another project. My thought was to just staple the wire to the bottom of the wood brackets, but the staples weren’t going thru. I’m sure it’s just because of my cheap stapler, but I wasn’t going to buy a new one just for this. I had put picture frame brackets at the top of the wood to hang it on the wall. So I took my galvanized wire and wrapped it around each one to secure it; then put a little piece of masking tape at the bottom just so it would stay where I wanted it.

and side two for your viewing pleasure

and side two for your viewing pleasure

that’s how simple it is . . . I put it back on the wall, attached some clothes pins that I got here, and put up my art. that particular picture is me on a Saturday morning drawn by my littlest niece!

photo 4 (2)

Our fan, that blows while we sleep, goes directly on it every night, but it’s all staying put and lookin’ good  . . . just like my hair in that picture! I love it.





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