high five for Friday

This week was just a usual week for us here in Nap town. We had both winter and spring type weather and my husband and I started our search for a new mattress!

I have finally started researching sewing projects to use my Christmas gift to good use – it was a sewing machine! Along the way I found this . . .


My mother is an excellent knitter . . . ?  . . . so she said she’d make me one. I love the look of Katniss’ cowl over her leather jacket in the movie.


One of our favorite shows, how I met your mother, comes to an end in a few short weeks. I’m a little nostalgic about it all so I made some art to make myself feel better. Feel free to save it and print it off for yourself if you’d like! It’s sized for a 5×7 frame.


I also got a new chalk board print and made the ‘do good’ art that I switched out on the mantel. this may be my favorite little spot in the house  . . . for now.


I really think that explains it all. I’ve had a major craving for peanut butter lately.



Found this on ‘Fitness motivation’ twitter the other day. It has some good reminders that I need to keep on hand. The turtles are just extra . . .


I hope your week was as good as mine and that we all have a groovy weekend.


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