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the one with a jewelry display

Does this ever happen to you guys . . .

not just necklaces

not just necklaces

Yup, happens to me all the time. Well at least it used to. I am admittedly a pinterest addict, and when I started seeing all these cute ways to display your jewelry – I knew I had to do one to fix my problem. I never wore my jewelry because it was all a HUGE mess, and since I organized it I wear at least earrings every day! I already had these cork boards in my office, and I knew if I could just stick a pin or nail in there it would hold a dangly pair of earrings or a necklace. But I needed it to be cuter than that. So I decided to cover it in this fabric. This project is super cheap so I chose a fabric that I really like right now in the moment instead of one I knew I’d be happy with for many years. That way I can change it out when I get bored – which will happen a lot.

photo (6)

Once I had everything I needed, all I had to do was cut a square of fabric to fit my board.


Then I wrapped it like a gift and stapled each side as I pulled it up. Be sure to pull it tight. After it was stapled, I even put duct tape on each seam just for some extra staying power (I forgot to take a pic . . .oopsie!)

photo (7)

And you’re done! Just have to hang it on the wall and add the jewelry. The cork boards come with some contact strips to hold it to the wall, but with all the weight the jewelry adds I wanted something stronger. So I put a nail in each corner. It would hold fine with one, but I didn’t want the sides to curl. I also chose clear thumb tacks to hold the jewelry. Since they’re clear you can’t tell I used thumb tacks unless you’re getting jewelry off, and they don’t put any other holes in the wall since they stick right in to the cork! It’s perfect!

photo (5)

As far as my post earrings, rings, and bracelets, I have a small table that I put on my mirror that I chose some cute things to display those. I got this bowl, this frame,  and a similar hand all from etsy to keep them organized. I also used the champagne bottle we had when we were engaged to hold my bracelets!


How do you display your jewelry? Or do you just keep it in wads like I used to?


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