the one with mascara damage

This weekend was pretty awesome as always! Friday night was our usual date night full of sushi and Lost! We’ve been watching it on Netflix, and there wasn’t a movie we could agree on so we watched 5 episodes of lost. Pretty standard. . .  Then on Saturday we spent the day with our niece and nephew, Amauri and Me’Sean. We had some pool time, and then the drive in! I love having a drive in so close by that we can go to occasionally – makes me feel like we’re in the good ‘ole days! But I think everyone feels that way because it was PACKED which made it a little stressful.



yellow polka dot bikini . . .

yellow polka dot bikini . . .

pool day!

pool day!

Since we were with the kiddos and in the sun a lot of the weekend, I spent most of it just in some powder and mascara so I looked fresh and bright eyed. One of my biggest pet peeves, and it always happens to me especially when I’m in a rush, is mascara on my eyelids! I don’t know if this is just the usual or if it has something to do with the shape of your eyes . . . I’m going to guess the later. I still hate it, and needed to find a way to fix it. Here’s the two ways I found that work best for me.

When you don’t have on any shadows or anything, it’s super easy to get off with just a q-tip! Just gently rub along where the mascara has landed, and swirl it along your lashline. Viola! I’ve even used this method when I only have on a light shadow and it works pretty well without messing anything up.


excuse my hair . . . it was still wet 🙂

For when I have a lot of shadow or have just done a really good job and don’t want to have to re-do it, then I needed a preventative measure so I didn’t even risk getting the mascara on my eyelid. I had heard of shields that sephora has, but who wants to spend $5 just for that! So I came up with using a spoon as my shield! Works perfect . . . and the best part is it fits right in my makeup brush roll.

I <3 spooning!


My brush roll was another etsy purchase from  here!

How was your weekend?


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