This week was pretty good, and I’m prepared for a super fun, long weekend! Scott and I are taking a little trip this weekend to see my favorite band in Cincinnati! I can’t wait to buy a new concert t-shirt! Here’s my top 5 for this week . . .

1. I keep finding these ecards about BB (big boobies) and I just find them  hilarious!

2. orangesicle cupcakes were such a good, healthy treat! I want more

3. I used some of wedding gift cards to get new canisters for the kitchen! I’m in lurve!

4. Fireworks show yesterday was pretty amazing! My mother-in-law is like a child around fireworks. It’s so funny to watch them with her.

5. Just in time for her 237th birthday, the good ole’ USofA now sees me as Mrs. Stark <3

How was your week?



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