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The thing I probably hate most about living in apartments is the ugly front doors. They’re usually really dirty and just plain white (sometimes they’re even painted another ugly color, what the what?!) and they are rarely decorated like most homes are! I, on the other hand, refuse to have a dirty, plain, ugly apartment door. I may be renting a space right now, but it is still MY HOME!

When I first moved into this apartment – pre-husband – I wanted to make it more welcoming, and the easiest way to do that is to put some decoration in the middle! So, I started making yarn wreaths. Yarn Wreaths are fairly simple, and can be easily adapted to your own personal style.

To get started you need a wreath form, duct tape, yarn, and whatever decorations you want to use. I refuse to pay $5 for a wreath form so I have 3 ways to cut that cost –

  • Use a pool noodle from the dollar store. You can cut that in half wrap it to a circle, and duct the ends together.
  • Buy 6ft foam pipe insulation at the hardware store. These are less than $1 and will get you two wreath forms!
  • If you have to spend $5 for a wreath form, I would cut it in half. Then you have the rounded part, and a nice flat back to lean against the door. Oh, and 2 wreath forms!

For this tutorial I used #2. My foam insulation is black so I used black duct tape to stick it together so it was easily hidden. The first few times I made one of these I found that it started to warp because the insulation was hollow. But I found an easy fix! Each pole has a line thru the middle, if you put a small cut at the end of the line it will tear straight thru. Then you can tuck that under making the form solid.  The insulation is a little flimsy, and still not completely solid, so as you go so you may still have to mold it a little to get the shape you want.


Once the form is ready I take the end of my yarn and put a small amount of duct tape to hold it where I want to begin. I’ve tried clear tape – but it doesn’t seem to hold for a long period of time – and I’ve tried just tying a knot there to make it stay – but it moves around alot. Then I wrap . . . and wrap and wrap and wrap. . .  It takes 2 or 3 hours to get 2 full layers of yarn wrapped around. You’ll want 2 layers so the form is completely covered and looks nice and full! So open up netflix and watch a season of your favorite show 🙂


Once it’s finally all wrapped (and you stop seeing spinning yarn), it’s time to decorate! My favorite part. This wreath was for July, so I used some wooden stars that I got at the craft store, and some red and white flowers I had laying around. Normally I like to make my own flowers, but I found these at Jo’Ann’s on clearance and couldn’t resist. I painted the stars gold to give it some flash and hot glued them to the yarn. I’ve found most of the time hot glue is the perfect way to secure your decorations. A small amount keeps them there securely and if you get too much it’s easy to peel off the glue hairs, as I like to call them. Just be sure you place everything before you glue to be sure it’s the right spot.


I love it! I think it gives off a fun, artsy Americana feel! I especially like the light blue instead of navy or cobalt . . . summery!Like I said earlier, yarn wreaths are easily adapted to your own style. You can put flowers, ruffles, letters, decals, whatever you want! Here’s some more that my friends and I have made . . .


What do you think of the yarn wreath? Do you have any ideas for what to put on one or make your front door more welcoming?

Xx B*

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