Cheers to the Weekend

This weekend was a nice relaxing weekend spent with friends and family! Friday night was our usual date night. After dinner, we saw This is The End. I still can’t decide how I feel about it. It took a totally different direction than I thought it would, and while I thought it was funny some parts of it I think went too far. Still I’m a movie buff and I always go into things with an open mind so I think it was pretty funny, and expected from the Seth Rogen crew. Saturday afternoon we took our nephew, Vonte, to see Man of Steel. We’re trying to spend one on one time with each of my nephews (I have 6!) since they helped us so much during the wedding, and he was next on the list. We knew he’d love some pizza and a movie so we had an afternoon date with him. Also, I’m just really glad that Superman finally has a quality movie like the other super hero’s do. Batman is still my favorite though. That evening we spent with some friends just eating some good food, and making happy memories!


Sunday morning is always church and relaxing at home. This week has been sort of stressful with Scott having his 3rd surgery in 4 months, and me returning to work after being off for a long while. So I settled in to let me niece give me a manicure! She’s currently in cosmotology school so I said I’d be one of her nail models. That means she picks what I get done to my nails (within reason), so I’m finally trying gel and acrylic nails . . . and getting used to typing with those on. Of course, we went with a holiday theme this time since the 4th is in just a few days!  That evening we had dinner with my side of the family to celebrate May, June, and July birthdays!

My makeup for church on Sunday was a simple, but fun style that I wear a lot when I want to put a little extra oomph into my look, but not be too done up. I even did a more formal version of this for my wedding. On humid days (or most work days honestly), you can usually just find me in a light foundation/concealer combo with a bright blush, volumizing mascara, and my favorite lip gloss – which changes almost daily. But this look is a great way to keep that light feeling so your makeup doesn’t melt off, but still be a little more fun and formal for special occasions like church or a date night. I like to make most of my looks 10 minutes or less so I don’t spend morning getting ready so I’m going to break it down minute by minute for you!

    • :00 – 3:00 – I like to start with a primer to help my concealer and foundation really stick, and last all day long. Once my primer is all over, for this look I skip foundation and just go straight to concealer in the areas I really need it. My t-zone is a little red, and under my eyes is a little dark. On humid days like Sunday that’s all I fill in so I don’t feel like my makeup is caked on. Right now I’m using Elf Studio Mineral Infused Primer and the Elf Studio Concealer Stick . I love that elf products do their best to mimic top brands like Mac, but are super cheap! So I’m trying some of them out now to see how they continue to work when used every day. Once that’s all on I lightly dust a nice finishing powder to set it in. I’ve been using Mary Kay Loose Mineral Powder for about 5 years now, and I just can’t get enough! It feels super light, but at the same time I really feel like it gives me good coverage. I sometimes even use it as a full foundation by putting on two coats.


    • 3:01-7:00 – The majority of my time is spent on my eyes for this look. I start by putting a cream shadow in a vanilla color all over my eye, and in the corners by my nose. I like to use cream colors as my base color because they work like a primer and help the top colors stay longer and show up better. Then I put a nice light pink on just the eye lid, and a grey color lightly in the crease. I don’t like to use too much of the grey so it doesn’t get the smoky eye affect! I love a good smoky eye, but that’s just not the look I’m going for today. To get the grey the way I like it for this look I’ll sometimes use my finger or a small tapered brush. Once I have my shadows the way I want them, I use a good pencil liner to smudge some color in the outer corners of my eyes. Since I’m not going formal I don’t want to go all the way in. To finish off I put on two coats of volumizing mascara and curl my lashes.


  • 7:01-10:00 – To take this look up to the next notch, I do a little contouring with a bronzing powder, top that off with a pink blush right on my cheek bones for rosy cheeks, and finish with my favorite lip gloss! The first picture I used a little more (ok a lot) more than usual so you can see where I put the bronzing powder, then I showed where I blended it in, and then the finished product! My favorite bronzer is actually a blush by Mary Kay called Golden Copper, and the blush I use is called Shy Blush. I can’t find another that I love as much as Shy Blush, and if it’s ever discontinued I will cry.


That was my weekend! hope yours was just as awesome! Let me know how you like the beauty look!

xx B*

p.s. you can find the products I used at or!

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