5 pieces 1 outfit: a simple scarf

Hey friends! 5 pieces 1 outfit is a twice monthly series where we feature 5 pieces that bring together 1 perfect outfit. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, and or pieces to create a fashionable look that anyone can create. 5 pieces is all you need to make another outfit killer. First, I find it’s best to have a theme so you have a place to build from. That can be a color combo or maybe even an event. But most of all you just need a good base piece. This week’s theme is a simple scarf. Sometimes it’s cold and you need that warm scarf, but you still don’t need more than 5 pieces.

pants . scarf . white tee . booties . earrings

the one with Jack’s 4 month update


Head: 16.34″

Weight:  16.5 lbs

Nicknames: Dumplin, babycakes, jackster, jackoby, munchkin, sweet pea

Sleep: We have our routine (bath, massage, book, white noise, diffuser, nurse) at 830-9 and he’s asleep by 915 every night. He still wakes up once a night most but not all nights. We’re choosing to go ahead and just nurse him when he does instead of cry it out. It’s 10 minutes to feed him or we all sit up crying for who knows how long . . . If it didn’t seem like this was on it’s way out or he was 6 months old I might feel differently. We’ve gotten into a good routine of naps at 9 am, 11am, and 5pm. I stopped trying to sleep train him and this was sort of the schedule he led us to. Sleep is wonderful right now! I’ve heard of the 4 month sleep regression, and teething so ya’ll pray for us.

Feeding: That post I keep promising about breastfeeding is coming within the next two weeks. It’s still going incredibly well, and Jack is still exclusively breastfed. Everything I’ve read about introducing solids and water says between 4-6 months with most saying 6. At our next doctors appointment he’ll be almost 5 months so I’m going to ask about it then. I LOVE our pediatrician so I’ll go with whatever he says.

Fun Stuff: We still LOVE to go swimming every night in the bath. We can grab and hold onto our toys, stand on our own feet, can sit without support for a few seconds, giggles are full on laughs now, and we have two teeth coming in. He still hates tummy time so I feel like we’re a little behind on rolling over, but he can do it. He just never does because he’s realized it begins or ends with him on his belly. We’re workin on it. He took his first airplane ride and did so well! We set it up for him to nurse during take off /landing and nap while in the air. It worked like a charm.

Cloth diapering is still going really well. We used disposables while in Indiana for 10 days, and I missed it so much. Not the cost (well a little the cost), and he didn’t get a rash – but I could just tell he’s happier in cloth. We also never have blow outs in cloth and we had at least one blow out a day in disposables. He’s wearing 6 month clothes and sometimes 9 month pants because of the extra bulk in diapers.

Next week we go see the glaucoma specialist for the 3rd and hopefully last time for awhile. So far baby boy does not have glaucoma and shows no signs of it!! His eyes are clear blue pigmented just like his daddy’s, and the doctor says they for sure won’t change. Congenial (at birth) glaucoma (which my husband and his brother have) can introduce anytime up to a year old tho so we’re not totally in the clear yet.

the one with a blue druzy necklace

I am in love with this druzy necklace! Druzy is my favorite stone since it’s inexpensive and super sparkly. Unfortunately, this one is a couple years old (and I borrowed it), but I linked a couple similar ones that will do the job. It’s almost like druzy has an opal effect to it that features several different colors. So even tho the purple and the blue are both bold colors, it’s works especially since there’s so much purple in blue.

But the most important thing I want to talk about is my new haircut. A new haircut can change everything right!? I know quite a few women who’ve gotten their hair majorly cut off after having a baby. Then they end up with regrets. I didn’t want that, but I still had the urge for a little something new. So I had a few inches cut off, some layers added, and a few highlights added around my face. Turns out . . . I regretted it. It was just a little too short, and I want more highlights. But it’s starting to grow, and the blow dryer really leaves it bouncy!!

Have you ever regretted a haircut?

similar necklace . similar necklace . swing tee . jeans . booties

the one with Jack’s first Christmas!

Jack’s first Christmas! One of the best days ever! I wanted to share this post a week ago, but we had to stay in Indiana for an extra 4 days. Blog work takes a back seat when your family needs you, and your baby is out of his element for 10 days.  Better late than never in my book . . .

1.Jack finally got to meet the rest of his family over Christmas. Including all 75 thousand cousins. Plus he got to meet all of mama and daddy’s friends!

2. Actual Christmas day was very low key for us, just how I like it. We went to church in the morning, spent a few hours at my parents, and then a few hours at my MIL house. I made sure we all matched in greys, greens, and reds!!! I love having a little person to dress.

3. New years Eve was pretty low key as well. We had burgers for dinner at a local restaurant. They had a ball drop and ‘champagne’ for all the kiddos. Since our niece and nephew were with us it was perfect! Jack slept through all of it. Then we all went to bed at 10. #parenthood

4. We did get a few balloons to take home with us. Baby boy loved them. Thankfully they didn’t pop while we were there.

5. Our friends Jeff and RAchel had a baby (duke) on Thursday, September 15th. Jack was born on Tuesday, September 20th. Then our friends Joe and Keenan had a baby (wren) on Friday September 23rd. The babies all finally met while we were in Indiana. It was a momentous occasion. And yes he really is that big.

the one with a red wine sangrita cocktail

I don’t drink many cocktails. Usually just a beer or a glass of wine, but there is one liquor I always have in my cupboard. Tequila. So over the holidays I decided to whip up my own concoction and combine my glass of wine with my tequila for a red wine sangrita! Turns out tequila and red wine go really well together especially when you have turkey or ham on the table. I;m not one of those girls that buys fruits seasonally – I should be, but I’m not. So I added whatever fruits I had on hand, but this would taste great with cranberries, grapefruits, or apples as well which are in season! So let’s get to the important stuff – recipe for red wine sangrita!


bottle of your favorite red wine
half bottle of lemon and lime soda
1 cup tequila
bottle of mango juice
orange slices
lime slices
lemon slices
ice to fill glasses

How to

First, combine liquid ingredients in pitcher and stir until well mixed.
Add remaining ingredients.
Then chill for 4-6 hours or overnight.
Stir well and pour into individual glasses over ice.
Finally, Garnish as desired

What is your favorite red wine or tequila cocktail?

the one with a real Florida winter

Yesterday was the first actual cold day in Florida. I got to wear tights and boots to church with my dress! Jack got to wear his toggle jacket which is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Now that we’ve had that day I’m ready to get back to a real Florida winter. As I’m sure most of you know, Florida doesn’t really get a winter. We get one maybe two days of below 50, and then it’s pretty perfect. Being a girl from the midwest, Florida winter is glorious! I never know what to do here oln the blog. Do I just show what I’m wearing? Do I go ahead and wear sweaters and scarves even though it’s not real life? This year I’ve decided to do a mix. Today it’s what I actually wear.

While it may be warm enough for shorts, there is still a chill in the air most days. So sperry’s and light weight sweaters are perfect paired with some shorts! This is my favorite light weight sweater right now. It truly goes with everything, and the hint of lace at the top gives it some unexpected class. Since it’s a pj top class is what it needs to be out of the house!

sweater . fedora . shorts . sperry’s . sunglasses

the one to flourish

It’s time for 2017’s word of the year! I love choosing a word of the year. It’s just a better option for my life style, and my ‘resolutions’ are usually complete. Last year my word of the year was grace. There were several things going on in our life that I had no control over. That was mostly getting and dealing with pregnancy and new motherhood, even tho I didn’t say it at the time 🙂 When that post went live, I didn’t even know I was pregnant just that we were trying. Grace ended up being the perfect word for last year. I kept it on my mind constantly and could feel it working in my life. It even popped up in my sons name by complete coincidence. Jack – God is gracious.

So it was a no brainer for me to choose another word of the year for this year. 2017’s word of the year is flourish.

I had no idea where to start this year. Since September 20th, I haven’t thought about anything but being a mom. When I gave 2017 two minutes of thought I realized it would be much the same. And then a pinterest search lead me to the image above! Flourish was an easy and obvious choice for me. I want little Jack to flourish in his first year of life and be the best boy he can be!

One of my main concerns regarding motherhood is not lose myself as a woman and person outside of being Jack’s mom. I’ve seen it happen to lots of women – the kids go to school and they’re lost. Then the kids move out, and holy cow. So I also want myself to flourish. Keep giving myself creative outlets, dates with my husbands, girls nights out, etc.

Do you choose a word of the year? I’d love to hear what it is!

the one with a simple, date night outfit

First outfit of the new year! It’s exciting isn’t it!? A fresh start is exactly what we all need, and there’s no time better time than the beginning of the year. You know when Lorelai in smells the snow coming. Well, I love the smell of a new year! Fresh and bright with a little bit of evergreen and sugar cookies from Christmas leftover. 2016 was the best year of my life thanks to a giant 3 month old little man. But it sucked other than Jack. 2017 can only go up from here, right!?

Date nights are now few and far between since they require a babysitter. So when they do happen I want to step up my outfit game. For me, that means heels. Especially with a kid around while I get ready. I need simple date night outfit that I can throw on and still be fashionable. I love the look of a bomber jacket with aviators. So pairing that with my favorite Michael Kor’s heels is the perfect simple yet fashionable date night outfit. I’ve worn these heels several times on the blog because they are my only simple black heels. Why? Because they’re perfect . . . no kidding

What’s your go to for a simple, date night outfit?

jeans . black tee . heels . similar jacket . similar scarf . sunglasses