the one with 22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks
Maternity clothes? all of them, all the time. i’m carrying this baby like a basketball, and i need that full panel over my belly.
Sleep: It’s getting better. But not really. 

Best moment: starting to get into a routine of talking to him everyday with daddy. 

Miss Anything? do i need to answer this? the answer is sushi. 
Movement: dude moves all the time. 

Food cravings:  carbs, just all of them. and grapes. and now n laters. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope. thank god that’s stopped for a week
Gender: boy!

Symptoms: there were so many I didn’t even know to expect. I’m thinking about writing a post about all the gross things that come with pregnancy. 
Belly Button in or out? in – it was pretty deep before, but I thiiiiink it’s starting to shallow out.
Wedding rings on or off? on – no swelling anywhere yet. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve balanced out again. Still pretty moody, but it’s a happy moody. That’s an oxymoron isn’t it. 
Looking forward to? my baby shower this weekend! I know it’s early, but I have to fly to Indiana so I can get away with having it already. 

the one with nursery ideas

Somebody asked me the other day what my nursery inspiration was, and my exact words were “a picture of a basset hound named Barney Fyfe”. And that is 50% true. My best friend surprised me with a picture of her basset hound in a flower crown for Jack’s nursery where it will hold a place of pride until Jack tells me to throw it away. And then it will move to a place of pride in another room of my choosing. Bernard as I call him is my favorite dog on the face of the planet even though he bruises my legs terribly every time I see him. It’s part of his charm – that and the fact that he does not listen.

The other half of the inspiration for the nursery comes from a trip to Disney I took while 12 weeks pregnant. Our first ride that day was Peter Pan and inspiration struck. That also happens to be one of the rides that I can hold him on while he’s an infant so it will be his first ride in the womb and out of the womb. My friend Liz and I will probably ride it twice together so we can both hold him once while riding. That’s how we roll. I don’t want to go overboard with the Peter Pan, and his nursery will need to be a guest room for the first few months of his life. Then we’ll move and he’ll get a whole new room! Ha! So the overall theme is just modern rustic with blues, greys, hints of green, a little Peter pan, and Barney Fyfe thrown in. I promise it’ll all make sense when it’s done. But until then here’s the main pieces I have my eye on.


crib . rug . rocker . dresser . quilt . peter pan print

What are your must haves for a nursery?

the one with first trimester favorites

Now that I’m well into the 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy I decided to look back through all the outfits from February through April (well end of January through beginning of April), and share my first trimester favorites.

longneckace5 find info here

pregodress2 find info here

fancyprego2 find info here

greenskirt7 find info here

sandlot4 find info here

If you want to see what it’s like to keep up with a blog and be fiercely tired and nauseous all day start with the outfits on January 27th – the day I found out – and go until the middle of March. You can see it in my face, the quality of the outfits, and the pictures. The outfits weren’t that great. And the blog posts especially picture quality was just low. But I did get some good outfits out of those days, and some tips I’ve learned along the way.

The keys to dressing for your first trimester are easy. . .

  1. Your body isn’t expanding too much yet so you wear flowy, loose fitting clothes already in your closet – trapeze tops, empire waists, dresses,etc.
  2. google the hair tie trick and get a good belly band for the occasional pants that are too tight
  3. wear those flat shoes because your feet get bigger and they swell later on so wear the shoes you won’t be able to wear when that happens now
  4. you probably just look like you ate too much when you do show so invest in some great accessories to hide that belly -like scarves, long necklaces, or even loose belts.
  5. don’t buy new clothes unless they’re maternity that you can expand now through the 3rd trimester. it’ll be a waste and who knows what’ll happen when you’re not pregnant anymore.

Any moms out there have tips for dressing the first trimester?


5 pieces 1 outfit : eyelet dress

eyeletdress8 eyeletdress5 eyeletdress1 eyeletdress7 eyeletdress4 eyeletdress2 eyeletdress6 eyeletdress3

dress via . similar non maternity dress . all jewelry via . similar wedges

I’m trying something a little different today! Let’s see how this all works out! For the past year, every other Friday I’ve been doing the 5 pieces 1 outfit series. I like to show that it doesn’t cost a fortune, and you don’t need several pieces to make a killer outfit – just 5. For the entirety of the series, I’ve never actually shown a 5 pieces 1 outfit – on my person. Well, it does actually work, and I follow it quite often. So I decided today was the day to show you! We might just make this a regular part of the series.

Even though I’m not a mother to a baby outside of the womb,  I still wanted to celebrate mother’s day in a special way this year. So in true Bex form, I made my husband take me out to dinner, and I dressed up a little nicer than usual for church. That decision was made when stitch fix sent me the perfect little black maternity eyelet dress.

I decided to keep it simple so nothing would get in the way of my mouth while I ate, and styled it with some Kendra Scott earrings, a bar necklace, a red lip, and my favorite wedges. Perfect outfit, only 5 pieces.

the one with bee sting face scrub

About a month ago I listed some of the natural ways I had researched to prevent and heal pregnancy acne. You can find that post here. Since then I’ve tried 1 of those ways, and I wanted to share my results! When I searched for pregnancy acne, I couldn’t find much that helped. My goal here is to help future pregnant ladies find a way that might work for them. Having acne doesn’t mean a thing for our beauty, but it’s still frustrating, right ladies?! Dealing with it during pregnancy, is just one more thing we shouldn’t have to deal with.

The first of the 3 treatments I decided to try was honey. I’ve used honey for many other things, and it always works wonders so when I found the shop Lather & Co and their bee string face scrub (made with honey and cinnamon) I knew it was a great place to start. Talking with their owner Jules about all the success stories for this face scrub and acne, I grabbed it and started using it as soon as possible.

face scrub photo via

From their etsy shop, “Honey has been used as an anti inflammatory to help reduce redness on the skin and as a natural antibiotic that has been known to alleviate and reduce scarring over time. Cinnamon has been rated as one of the top 7 antioxidants in the world, according to USDA, and can reduce the formation of “free-radicals” which, over time, can promote damage repair. Both honey and cinnamon are extremely effective as a mild disinfectant because of their anti fungal and antibacterial properties.” Well that sounds perfect for the redness, acne, and all the scarring that’s leaving on my face.


I added this to my normal skin care routine, 2 to 3 times a week. And slowly, but surely I see a lot of improvement. It’s been 4 weeks of using it regularly, and I’d say my face is about half healed. You can see the results above for yourself! Both are fresh from a shower with no makeup on because #noshame.

Have you used honey to help heal acne? Next up on my list to try is a lemon juice toner!


*this is not a sponsored post. I found Jules at the Vero Beach Street fair and truly feel the bee sting face scrub is helping.

the one with a gift card booklet

First of all, and very important . . . if your name is Emma, you know me personally, and you are graduating from high school this year STOP READING! No seriously, stop reading. I’ll tell you all about it later.

And now . . . I can’t believe that I have another nephew graduating from high school. If they could all just stop aging that’d be fine by me. But another will graduate in just a few days along with his darling girlfriend. He’s a boy so he just gets a boring check or maybe a gift card I haven’t decided yet. But his girlfriend gets something a little more special. So I made her a gift card booklet! Here’s the how to . . .



2 pieces of scrapbook/construction/card stock paper



embellishments for front

to do::

Fold first piece of paper in half and glue all sides together

take half sheet and fold in thirds – make sure all edges are crisply folded

cut second sheet into 3 or 4 (3″ x8″) sheets

fold the bottom 3 inches of each sheet up  to make a pocket. glue it on the inside ‘sides’ of the card.



glue the corners of the pocket together – so that’ll it hold the gift card – and repeat until finished. be sure to only glue pockets to the inside ‘sides so the outside resembles a card.

Once all your pockets are glued on and ready for their gift cards, decorate the front with any embellishments you want and add the gift cards to their pockets!


All done! What’s your go to graduation gift?

the one with zika










jacket . shorts . maternity shorts (what I have on) . exact tank . sunglasses . sandals c/o . jewelry via

From the blog title, you probably think this is going to be an informative post. Especially if you know I live in Florida, which is a red state in regards to Zika (we’re purple when it comes to politics?). Zika fever is a mild febrile illness caused by a mosquito-borne virus similar to those that cause West Nile virus. The illness is typical resolved within a week, and here in Florida our doctors are saying to just be extra cautious – wear long pants at night, bug spray, stay away from large puddles, etc. For pregnant women it can be extra worrisome because it’s been found to cause microcephaly, genetical abnormalities, and other infections harmful for the baby. I have checked with my doctor, no need to worry, just be extra extra cautious. But some friends in Indiana are being told to not vacation in Florida because of it. So EVERYONE is freaking out for me. My mother in law who I love so much (no seriously I do) decided I should wear a bee keepers uniform helmet included while outside. My husband is not as concerned, but he did insist I not buy anymore maternity shorts and that I buy a jacket to wear at night. Well, that I can get behind. So I used it as an excuse to finally buy the perfect olive military jacket. I love the linen fabric! It’s so easy to wear and my one concern with all this zika concern – is that i’ll get hot. But not with this jacket!

5 things about life in May


1. My favorite outfit in a very long time was on the blog Monday. This top is so comfortable, versatile, and cute! So glad I bought it a size too big so it’ll fit throughout my pregnancy. #maternityleggingsfalyfe

2. My husband and I have been on the lookout for a place that serves good nachos in our little beach town. In Indy we had a great place . . . a couple great places, but one sticks out. It was and probably still is my very favorite thing to eat ever. I would eat it as my last meal. Well, we finally found a place comparable and they sell cokes from Mexico with that real sugar, guys! Thank you Taco Mobil.


3. It still gets me that I live here and can take pictures like this whenever I want to. It’s all thanks to my husband, and baby daddy (they are the same person). I love him so much guys.

4. That husband of mine is a big Indy car (not nascar, very important) fan, and so are all of his friends. So with one of them getting married in June . . . guess when the bachelor party is. You probably don’t know . . . if you do high five from this Hoosier girl. The bachelor party is at the end of the month during the Indy 500 aka the greatest spectacle in racing aka the only reason people even know what Indiana is other than corn. For me this means . . . I GET TO SEE MY FAMIY AMD MY BESTIES SOON!!! I can’t let him go home at such an important time without me! Plus they all need to see the baby bump.


5. I once said a life update is not a real life update without a Leo update, but we are not real friends unfortunately. And his imdb page says he’s not doing anything right now except another documentary about how we shouldn’t use paper plates and only eat cage free eggs. So here’s a picture from the 90’s to tide us (just me?) over.